Mica Cabin by Cabinspace – Canada

Mica cabin, which is 20 feet long, was built by Cabinspace.

One of the most outstanding features of the Mica cabin is that it offers you a very comfortable environment with its large windows.

Overall we think this is a pretty clever and quite beautiful tiny space that’s perfect for getting away from it all and reconnecting with the natural world.

Consumers who want to live in a good location, with a solid infrastructure or close to the center are usually kept at a certain price standard.

But let’s stop here and ask the question: why do consumers pay more for these things?

This idea is based on the traditional habit of raising consumers. In the past, people have preferred the larger ones to buy new housing.
This will naturally lead to increased costs.

As a number of consumers have found, there is another option: downsizing.
Not only is it cheaper to build, buy or rent small spaces, but it also reduces bills even further with lower maintenance costs.
Given these effects, becoming smaller has become attractive.

More than half of Americans say they will consider living in a house smaller than 600 square feet, according to a survey conducted by the National Home Builders Association last year.
The millennia said they were even more involved with 63%.

The figures show that many people want to live small. As Living in a Tiny, we find examples of this rising trend in the United States and the rest of the world, and share them with you for ideas.
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