This Abandoned House Became a Refuge for the Family

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the idea of people moving to big cities has been heavy. Some have returned to their home state, and others have discovered new places to live a more limited life. Recent research has shown a large increase in alternative settlements outside major cities.

IMAGE Courtesy of Loice Crisostomo

With the covid-19 effect, it became attractive for people to live a farming life as before. Loice Crisostomo, who lives in Malolos with her mother-in-law, is one of them.

The family decided to live in this way and they were looking for property. One of his close friends told them about a property he thought would be suitable for them.

Cozy Tiny House on Skiathos Island

The estate met almost all the shambles for them to realize the life they dreamed of. There was even an old little house on it. With a two-month renovation, this old tiny house became the family’s refuge.

IMAGE Courtesy of Loice Crisostomo

Loice Crisostomo says they had help from relatives who were doing construction work when they built the tiny house. He mentions that this beautiful farmhouse appeared with some renovation since the foundation and walls of the tiny house already exist.

IMAGE Courtesy of Loice Crisostomo

When they started, the first refurbished an abandoned pigsty on the property, clearing overgrown and sprawling grass. They didn’t have much trouble making the chicken coop because the barn door and fence were in place. And a water tank that was there was pretty good for them.

IMAGE Courtesy of Loice Crisostomo

The renovation of the tiny house started by plastering the briquette walls of the old building and they obtained an inviting spaciousness painted in a relaxing yellow color.

On the front, a railing from the metal joinery was deployed to the front, revealing a patio. A seating area has been created on the patio where they can watch the sunset.

IMAGE Courtesy of Loice Crisostomo

The total area of the tiny house is 19 square meters

The total area of the tiny house is 19 square meters and one room. It has a small dining area and a tiny kitchen where they prepare their meals.

The beds are made of two floors. Thus, a lot of space was saved from the bed space. The walls are painted white, and the sun is brightening up the house through the only window of the house.

IMAGE Courtesy of Loice Crisostomo
IMAGE Courtesy of Loice Crisostomo

This farm, which provides calm and privacy to the family during the pandemic period, is growing day by day and already has 30 chickens, 2 ducks, 35 papaya trees.

Simple experiences such as growing grain, watering plants, feeding animals have connected the family more.

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