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Neotipi A Cozy House, Only You and Natural Surroundings Here.

Planning a tour with your friends? Wanna visit the world’s most beautiful place? If yes, then must have a break and stay in this convenient tiny house named Neotipi. This extremely beautiful tiny house is located in Russia. The exact locality of this house is the Kaluga region, Zhukovsky district in Russia. This tiny house is 2 hours from Moscow.

If you’re suffering to have either personal space or wanna have the tour with your partner or friends this is the ideal place I must say. The nature in front of you, the silence, and the privacy this place gives you are matchless.

This teepee house is placed in the heart of the forest. The whole house is covered with large trees and amazing flowers. The scent of these flowers and plants changes the whole environment and works as aromatherapy for you. You find yourself the most comfortable person in the world.

During the night, the area of this tiny house is lit up by using brilliant lights, and this gives the view of fairy tales. The whole place becomes dreamy.

And if you’re a lover of nature and love to be in the natural environment then this is the best chance to explore nature very closely. You can have a walk there, deep breathes, and the everlasting memories and the happiness with you.

This amazing house in the forest also occupies a stable of the horse so you surly can have the amusement of horse riding. Instead of this, there’s an ostrich farm nearby this tiny house. So this house is gonna full of adventures for you.

The teepee is all made of glass, so you can have a look at the beauty spread everywhere of this house from any part of the house without coming out. The Panoramic windows make every view vivid. This house also allows you to have the opportunity to spend the vacation the way you want. You’re provided with the privacy you need…. Just, you and no one else to disturb you.

This house has a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a sitting area outside the house for the best and amazing experience.

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There’s a spotless and cozy bedroom and is spacious and airy as well. This only room of the house has a double bed. There’s a blanket and pillows over it. It’s covered with a sheet and mattress.

There’s an air conditioner to adjust the temperature fluctuations. With a double bed, there’s a couch and two sofas in the bedroom. A table is also placed in front of sofas and couch. There’s a beautiful mat there as well.

There’s a kitchenette in this tiny house. The kitchenette has a mini-fridge and a coffee making machine too. You can enjoy the coffee over a coffee table. There’s a stove for preparing meals and near this two chairs are placed with a table for dining.

The host of this house provides slippers for guests. In this tiny house, there’s a bathroom. The bathroom has a toilet and a mind-blowing shower for a relaxing bath. Inside it, there’s a washbasin, a mirror, and towels that are placed in the cabin.

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Health is the commending and complementing factor of healthy living. And don’t compromise it ever. It’s surrounded by nature and greenery everywhere. The calm and clear atmosphere of this beautiful place and the partner with you is a perfect combination for having a relaxed and memorable vacation.

In this healthy area of the earth, physical fitness is increased. Because this location is full of green plants and raised oxygen levels. When you inhale this pure air having a better level of oxygen, your heart health gets better.

And mental health is also improved. As you’re far away from all the worries and the pollution of this world. By observing the greenery throughout gives you positive vibes, and this color has the power to relax your eyes. And the depressive and other cracking worries of daily routine are left somewhere back from this world.

This house gives the guests a normal sleep because the mesmerizing landscape ahead is breathtaking. The very first sun rays that enter the house, make your morning and the whole day stunning. This tiny house has a barbeque area. And a place for fire where you can enjoy the fire barbeque and the attractive beauty spread around. And if you enjoy all this with music, then joy and pleasure are gonna double. There’re two chairs and a table for sitting.

The most vigilant factor of this house is that this tiny house is extremely clean. The management team of this house is very responsible and provides the guests with the best services.

There’re paths designed in the forest for having driving experience and car racing. You can relish cycling there too. The sunset view from the bedroom and the nights lightening of this house are extraordinary.

For summers, there’re arrangements to have fun as well. There’s a river giving you spectacular views that makes this trip more incredible whereby visiting it. You can have a boat ride there. And can enjoy swimming there as well.

I hope this article is helpful for you to find the location and the surrounding of this house and the environment it has. The whereabouts of this tiny house are no doubt the best, and you’re gonna explore the place that’s only one of its type. Also, you’re gonna wish to visit this place again and again.

The calm and the peace you get here is unmatched because there’s no one to disturb you and you’ve got a chance to discover the whole area with your friends. Or you can go with your soul mate as well. Friends and this beautiful place is gonna be a blessing surely. Because friends are the people you can never bored of and are the people you’ve most of the fun with.

So what’re you waiting for? Book your trip now and have fun. Good luck for the tour!




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