Ohana Tiny House Consisting of Two Tiny Houses

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Today we will show you log cabin from USA.

Why have one tiny house when you can have two?

Viva Collectiv has done just that with their Ohana tiny house. They ended up putting two tiny houses together to create more room for a family to be comfortable in. So the family can still live tiny, but they can also have some extra space to move around in.

The Ohana tiny house comprised of two tiny houses that are connected in the middle by a deck and sunroom space. So the parents’ room, kitchen and bathroom are in one home and then on the other side there is a sleeping loft and a playroom for the kids and a living room.

This is a great way for the parents to have some privacy while still being very close to their children.

The sunroom in the centre is a great idea too, extending the living space and connecting it at the same time. They could also screen it off or enclose that area so it would become a room of its own.

The style and design of this home is very charming and warm as well. They kept with neutral tones which helps to keep the small space bright. Keeping colours neutral will help to keep things very open in the space making it feel larger than it is.

It’s also nice that in the bathroom they included a bathtub as this is a must when you have kids. The tile work around the bathtub is a work of art as the tiles come together to form a silhouette of a tree. In the bathroom, they also went with a composting toilet which means they can be off-grid.

The kitchen includes an apartment sized gas range and oven as well as an apartment sized fridge. There’s also a combination washer-dryer unit in the kitchen making it easy to do laundry.

The parent’s bedroom is a lovely space with a queen sized bed and enough room for clothing storage and space to walk around.

The living room area is equally as comfortable with a cozy rug and a small sofa that would be perfect to lounge on and relax. One thing you’ll notice throughout this floor plan is that they made great use of windows which also allows a lot of light into the space helping to make it feel larger. They also brought the outdoors into the small home by making some live moss wall hangings — such a great way to add plants to the home without taking up too much floor space while also bringing in a piece of art.

This tiny house is a total of 400 square feet which actually isn’t too small. There are tiny houses on wheels which are less than 200 square feet which is the size of some people’s bathrooms. People move into smaller spaces for many reasons, but one of the most popular reasons is to save money and spend more time with family which is what this young family most likely set out to do.

Plus, tiny homes are countering the negative environmental impacts of larger homes as well. A small home like this one not only requires fewer materials to build, but it also requires less energy to heat and power up.

By saving that money, this small family can afford to spend more time together and have enjoyable experiences instead of being stressed out by the high costs of living.

Have you ever considered living in a tiny house?

Could this type of expanded model be something that works for you and your family?

Get some inspiration from this family home.

Source : Hyggehous

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