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Old Farmhouse Transformed into a Modern Tiny House

Renovating a house always scares us because it requires a long process and effort. It is quite clear that this justification is undeniable. However, if the result after entering the renovation business is satisfactory, its happiness is indisputable.

The old structure of the tiny house was supported by modern technology.

The tiny farmhouse, built in 1935, was renovated after a long time and effort while preserving its traditional structure. The beauty of the old and the comfort of the new are together, as it is supported by new technologies without compromising the old atmosphere while being renovated.

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The tiny house has all kinds of opportunities to relax in its large garden.

This tiny house is located in Fredericksburg, 2 blocks from West Main Street. It was built on large farmland, in a very green and tree-covered area. While the house was being renovated, its structure was never changed. The materials from which it was made were preserved, and the old paints were remade. The paints are chosen from light and pastel colors, thus creating a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness.

Photo Courtesy of Absolutecharm

The land where the tiny house is located is quite flat. Therefore, the garden is very useful. A fire pit and a large jacuzzi are placed in the garden covered with green grass. It would be wonderful to relieve the tiredness of your day trip here.

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There is a veranda right at the entrance of the tiny house. The patio is wide enough to fit a swing and two rocking chairs. The chairs look like 1935s.

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The rooms of the tiny house are designed in two ways, modern and classical.

The house is entered through a classic blue door. The sitting area is the first section you come across. The sitting area has a slightly more modern design. A large armchair, coffee table, and TV are well-placed in the area. There is also a large gray buffet with classical details in the area.

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The kitchen area is accessed through the door that opens right across the living area. Modern appliances in the kitchen have gained an impressive appearance with classical touches.

Photo Courtesy of Absolutecharm

The old bricks on one wall of the kitchen were left exposed, making a reference to the past. The tables and chairs here are completely classic.

Photo Courtesy of Absolutecharm

Another door leads to the first bedroom. My husband has windows this room has a modern design. Beds and furniture were chosen with this in mind.

Photo Courtesy of Absolutecharm

The room also has its own bathroom. Of course, the bathroom is quite modern in harmony with the room. The bathroom also has a modern-style bathtub and sink.

Photo Courtesy of Absolutecharm
Photo Courtesy of Absolutecharm

Next to this room is the second bedroom. This room is a classic style unlike any other. The details on the walls bring to mind the experiences of the house.

The furniture is also chosen from the classics. This room also has its own bathroom. The bathroom, from its furniture to its faucet, from its tub to its wallpaper, is all classic.

Photo Courtesy of Absolutecharm

Tiny house inspires

If you are thinking of renovating an old house or wondering about old experiences, this tiny house can inspire you. For this, you can rent this tiny house for $255 per night and add new memories to your life.

Share your home makeover with us and we’ll feature it on our blog.

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