Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Backyard Garden Cabin in the Netherlands

This is a backyard garden cabin in the Netherlands out of Ermelo, Gelerland.

Experience Nature in the Wild with The Shack Treehouse

Hi everybody 🖐️ Today we will show you tiny house from Dundee, Ohio, USA. The Shack is what dreams are made of! Enter over a 40...

Sakura Tiny House by Minimaliste

Today we will show you tiny house from Canada.

PAN-cabins Norwegian Tiny Home Treehouse

The PAN-cabins are rental cabins made special for the client PAN-tretopphytter. The project is located in the eastern forest area of Norway, called Finnskogen, after Finish immigrants steeling here in the 16th century.

Amazing Tiny Cottage in The Irish Countryside

A compact stone barn in the Irish countryside is now a sumptuous holiday cottage perfect for romantic escapes.

Robert & Julia’s Mega Tiny Vulcan

Robert and Julia chose to build tiny out of the desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle AND travel the US in search of where they would possibly call their next home.

Living 200 sqft Tiny House – USA

This tiny home is incredibly small but used to its full potential. From the beautiful welcoming outside, to the cozy interior, this place would suit anyone for a night!

Converted WWII Train Car with Veranda – USA

This WWII Railway Train car that was originally used as a kitchen still lives on as a wonderful Airbnb located in Maryville, Tennessee!

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