Saturday, February 24, 2024


Simple Scandinavian Style Tiny House

Today we will show you tiny house from USA.

Genesis by Tiny Heirloom

This is The Genesis. It was built by Tiny Heirloom. You may have seen it on their show on HGTV called Tiny Luxury.

Tim and Shannon and their Minim Tiny House

A Minim House is a tiny house built on a utility trailer using SIPS (structurally insulated panels)—sort of a kit home in a way.

Pohutukawa Tiny House – New Zealand

Our Pohutukawa design is a fully functioning tiny house on wheels that can accommodate up to six people!

Absolutely Beautiful Tiny House in Sydney, Australia

This is the Australia Tiny House in Agnes Banks. It’s a vacation tiny house near Sydney, Australia that starts at around $199 per night.

The San Juan Tiny House

This is the San Juan Tiny House on Wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

The Conversion of the Old Horse Truck into the Wonderful Tiny House

Very very proud to present the long awaited Helga in all her finished glory

Stunning Charming New Tiny Cottage with Backyard

Open the green doors to a backyard cottage that’s bursting with character. The slanted roof and beamed ceiling add visual interest.

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