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Raspberry Tiny House on Jindy Dale Farms

Planning a tour for memorable vacations? Wanna know about the location having calm and quietness? Fond of greenery and folks? This place is gonna be the best to have a vacation with your partner. Yes, you got it right. I’m talking about Raspberry Cottage on the JindyDale farms.

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This mesmerizing farmhouse is a single-room cottage and is a hut-shaped tiny house. The Raspberry cottage is hosted by Cindy. The location of this place is in the mid of Cookeville. It’s situated in the state of the US named Tennessee. 

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This exciting place is just a 10-minute ride away from the restaurants and other such places. And an hour’s drive from the hiking areas. People love to visit the museums there. This is an ideal place for nature and folk lovers. It’s the best option for spending vacations for couples. 


The sunrise and the sunset scenes of this beautiful place are mesmerizing. When you take in the fresh morning air, you feel so light and calm. The farm and the cattle there are also eye-catching. The little things add to the matchless beauty of this place.

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The whole room is designed so that it has a bed, kitchenette, and living room. It has a bathroom with a shower, porch, backyard, and garden. But to book this place for you, you have to pay 82$ per night. And once you do this the whole cottage is yours, and you can roam anywhere without any disturbance.


There’s a double bed in the corner of the room. It’s covered with a sheet with having blanket and pillows over it. There’re side tables with the bed. Two lamps are fixed on the upper area of the bed too. You’re given extra pillows and bed covers also. 

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There’s an area located in the room to hang the things too, and hangers are provided. The bedroom area also offers an air conditioner for the weather appropriateness.


The kitchenette here is designed amazingly. It has wooden cabinets and a ravishing shelf for placing all the things easily. The most enticing factor is the cleanliness here.


There’s a microwave, toaster, oven and coffee maker. The team here provides you with various tea bags as well. There’s a refrigerator also. The animating sink in the kitchen is a blessing.

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You’re delivered all the pots for eating and preparing the meals. The cookware includes mugs, glasses, plates, forks, spoons, knives, and the primary spices for daily use. There’s a wooden table in the front of this kitchenette.


Beside the kitchenette, there’s a table with two chairs for dining. The windows next to this table access you to the beautiful scenario outside and you can enjoy the whole beauty sitting inside.


The entire room is highly aired. The large windows are covered by attractive curtains. The extremely unique chandeliers are fixed on the roof for better lighting effects. 

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The area designed as a living room is cleverly furnished. There’s a two-seater sofa. In front of it, a table is placed, and there’s a chair as well. A smart TV is placed on the wooden cabinet in front of the sofa. 


There’s a book rack here, and the small but eye-catching light fixtures act as a game-changer in the night. The table and the cabinets have decorative pots that look cool.


The only room in the house has a separate bathroom in it. There’s a stimulating washbasin having the cabinet. In front of the washbasin, there’s a giant clean mirror. There’s a towel hanging on the towel stands. Extra towels are also offered.


Tiny Farmhouse Surrounded by Unobstructed Views

It has a toilet and toilet paper as well. The two light fixtures in the bathroom make it more dreamy. And there’s a separate area for bathing having a shower. The wall of the bathroom is beautifully decorated using different flower pots.


Outside the studio room of this tiny house, there’s a porch. There’s a glider on the porch, to enjoy the sunshine in the morning. It’s placed in front of the farm, and you can have a view of the farm by sitting there as well.


On the porch, there’re two chairs and a table, and it’s an ideal place for having a cup of coffee.

Because in front of this cottage, the lush green area leaves positive impacts on your mental condition and is beneficial for your eyes also. 

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So this calm place allows you to have a full view of the lavish gardens surrounding this beautiful cottage. You’re provided with snacks that you can definitely enjoy on the porch. 

As we already discussed that this tiny house is surrounded by green forests and gardens.


So by booking the services of this extremely beautiful place, you get the permit to explore the immensely beautiful areas, including gardens, hiking areas, rivers, and refreshing parks. In parks, there’re swings and many other kinds of stuff like that. You’ve got the best opportunity for hiking, camping, boating, and many other thrilling adventures.

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The farmhouse has two pet cats and two pet dogs, and you’ll surely love them. For entertainment purposes, the management team here offers you books, games, puzzles, movies, and free Wi-Fi services.  


Outside the cottage, there’s a picnic table there for you, if you wanna enjoy the weather and have a picnic in this paradise of earth, go for it. The whole house is the complete package for the relaxed and comfortable tour.


At the end of this article, I just wanna say that book your tour to this completely natural area to give yourself some time and do away with all the freaking thoughts of a daily tiring routine. If you wanna spend some time with your partner and wanna have some privacy this is the right place. 

Nature is an awesome thing believe me. All the sorrows and worries are forgotten when you inhale the fresh air of the calm place. So what are you waiting for? Book your dates, pack your goods pick your camera, and come to this lovely place. 

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