Red Tiny House with Amazing Nature View

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We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Castleton, Ontario, Canada.

Every day, we search for tiny houses with different models and structures for you. Our house today attracts attention with its bright red color. This tiny house is located on a hill among magnificent pine forests. Our house has 10 x 10 Foot living space. The windows placed in the corners of the tiny house with red exterior cladding in an inverted L shape created a different design.

Some of the window slats of the house are red, while white color is preferred for the remaining part and door. The interior of the house is completely covered with wood. There is a large cushioned bamboo seat in the living area downstairs. Although the kitchen is small, it has everything you need in a fully equipped manner. The kitchen has wooden shelves, wooden counter, toaster, oven, stove and microwave.

The wooden stairs inside the house lead to the bedroom on the upper floor. There is a double bed and many windows in the bedroom area. Another important point for this house is the outdoor washbasin and outdoor shower in the annex building within walking distance.

You can relax on the sun loungers in a sitting area outside of the house and enjoy the sun rays in the clean nature. If you wish, you can make delicious snacks at the barbecue on the deck. You can take a walk in the walking pancakes located in the magnificent forest. You can stay at home comfort while resting and refreshing in nature.

If you want to enjoy the tiny house in this magnificent environment, you can access the page here.

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