Relaxing Forest Cottage

Imagine waking up on a bright morning and walking in the garden, what a pleasant feeling! So strong in your imagination and how fresh you will feel after visiting such places. This is nature. Of course, nature can heal all your troubles and burdens.

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You know that an interest in nature is part of human genetics. For example, most people prefer to reserve a room or apartment with a balcony to feel nature, and patients who see greenery in front of them recover quickly, and these are facts. So you cannot deny that nature has no effect on humans.

In nature, close to the city

It is possible to increase this healing effect of nature by living a minimal life in a tiny house. The tiny house we will talk about built in Tapalpa will be a perfect example of this. Those who want to own a tiny house can consider this example.

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This tiny house is located in Rancho Club amigos de Tapalpa, 10 minutes from the city center. Tapalpa is a paradise on earth that attracts everyone with its natural beauty. The greenery of the region is very good for eye health and also has a positive effect on mental health.

In a high-walled garden

Our tiny house was built as a lone room in a large garden, on a foundation measuring 495 square foot. 172 square foot of this area is reserved as a terrace. The terrace dominates the garden and the whole view of the forest. High walls surround the land where the tiny house is located on all four sides. These walls, which have an aesthetic appearance, ensure the safety of the tiny house.

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Brick and wood were used as the building materials of the tiny house. While the walls were built with bricks, wood was used for the skeleton. The brick walls are not covered with plaster, and the worn-out look of the bricks has thus emerged as an aesthetic design element. The exposed wooden skeleton is painted black, increasing the strength of the design one more time.

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The tiny house is entered through the terrace. When you step onto the deck, the windows at the height of the walls on both sides of the entrance door stand out. These claws not only make the house bright but also add the warmth of the sun to the house. The windows have a sliding system, they can be opened from side to side when desired.

Brick walls and concrete elements are aesthetically striking

When you enter, you again see the harmony of the bare brick wall and the wood. The right side of the entrance is intended as a sleeping area. A big double bed and a blue sofa are the items in this section.

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A few African-style objects were included as accessories. In this area, there is also a fireplace made of brick, which is indispensable for cool weather.

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On the left side of the tiny house is the kitchen. The island and counter in the kitchen are made on-site from gross concrete. This style, which is the fashion of recent years, suits the tiny house very well. The cooker island where you can cook your meals is located on the counter. A part of the island bench is considered a table.

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Concrete elements are also present in the bathroom of the tiny house

The bathroom separates the kitchen from the bedroom of the tiny house. This area is located directly opposite the entrance door. When you enter the bathroom, the aesthetic appearance of gross concrete stands before you with all its simplicity. The counter and decorative objects with the bathroom sink are made of concrete.

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The garden of the tiny house is a bit deprived of greenery, but the surrounding forest more than makes up for this deprivation. The fire pit in the middle will be an indispensable element of unforgettable night conversations.

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If you are curious about this tiny house and want to learn more about its design, you can rent it for $101 per night.

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