Rustic Tiny Cabin, New York – USA

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Today we will show you tiny cabin from New York, USA.

Description from AirBNB

This tiny, magical, rustic, cabin is situated overlooking a large pond on a private property of 200+ acres. Though the cabin is very small (about 10×12 ft with an upstairs sleeping loft) it is quaint and lovingly made with hand split cedar shingles and locally harvested wood. There is an outhouse and no power/running water, but a 5 gallon cooler of spring-fed drinking water is provided.

This cabin looks like a fairy tale – nestled beneath tall Scotch pines and though small – well equipped. It has a single cot on the main floor and there are two large camping pads in the upstairs loft. Make no mistake – this is camping – but in a delightful setting.

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It has a wood stove, an antique (but functional) propane cookstove and a boutique outhouse (as outhouses go – pure luxury). Included is the (shared with inhabitants) use of the beach picnic area with a fire pit, benches, chairs, hammock and screened tent.

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