Sakura Tiny House by Minimaliste

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Today we will show you tiny house from Canada.

Description from Minimaliste

Our client’s confidence in building her house had a huge impact on the final result. For the first time, we felt that we could really showcase our know-how, leaving our creativity to the fullest.


The functional living room also serves as dining room. Each of the loveseats opens to offer even more storage. The coffee table easily transforms into a dining table for 6 people.


The kitchen of the Sakura was designed for a customer who did not need a large countertop surface. On the other hand, it has a large refrigerator with freezer, as well as a beautiful 24″ stainless oven. The loft overhangs above the top cabinets to create another space where you can either sit or put flowers/garden. This addition also creates a small division facing the entrance where we installed hooks.


The spacious bedroom is 6’3’’ at the highest point, which allows people to be standing when changing clothes or making the bed. There is a large window, wall cabinets as well as a big closet with drawers underneath. The heated floor ensures you a warm sleep and the bed base also serves as storage space.


The bathroom in the Sakura is quite big for a tiny house. It features a full size bathtub, a 30 inches wide vanity, a composting toilet and some storage. This is also where we installed the mechanical room with a 40gal hot water tank along with the radiant floor system and the different water filters.


The Sakura loft space is enlightened by an awning window, in addition to a large 40 “x 40” skylight, allowing light to penetrate when desired. We access the loft and the rooftop deck with a custom made cedar ladder. A nice little black pipe ramp is installed in the loft for the safety.

  • 325 FT2 32.5 ‘ x 10.5’
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 4-6 People – Accommodation capacity
  • 125 000 $ CAD – Base price

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