This Sleek Cabin Will Transport You Away from the World

Why are tiny houses more relaxing?

Because tiny houses allow us to satisfy our nest-building instinct. With the walls surrounding us, the closed spaces that we set up as a small world within our huge world cause us to relax.

In addition, tiny houses are a reflection of our identity. Apart from the four walls, the lines we add to our tiny house emerge as an expression of our values ​​towards the world. If you look carefully at the tiny world of tiny host people, you will see this with all its clarity.

Today we will tell you about Catalina’s tiny house, where she reflects her own tiny world.

Catelina, who loves to travel and vacation, built this tiny house with her family in Fredericksburg, Texas. This tiny house is located in a very quiet nature that gives people peace in an area very close to the city.

There are several other tiny houses in different styles on the property where the house is located. The privacy between them is ensured by the trees and tree fences on the property, you don’t even notice the others.

The tiny house is built on a 452 sqft foundation.

291 sqft of this is the main structure of the one bedroom tiny house, the remaining 161 sqft belongs to the veranda located on the side.

In the construction of the house, mostly wood material was used. The color of the tiny house, which has a modern style, is gray. The wooden logs supporting the roof of the veranda add a different rustic feel to the tiny house.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

There are two rattan-style armchairs on the veranda where you can sit while drinking your coffee accompanied by the chirping of the birds.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

If you follow the concrete road that passes by his tiny house, right behind you, the jacuzzi, open-air shower and fire pit greet you. The experience of this romantic setting surrounded by tree fences seems indisputable.

The tiny home, which was built as a single room, has three sections.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The first section is reserved as a sleeping area. It has a double bed inside. It is possible to exit from the bedroom to the veranda through a two-wing sliding door. The walls of the room are completely painted white. It is quite bright inside.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The second section is accessed by a sliding door. This part is thought of as a kitchen, but it is not possible to cook here because it is quite small. However, you can easily prepare your drinks and quick snacks here. A few antique items and wall decorations on the shelves look very stylish.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The third section is the bathroom and kitchen section, which is accessed through a classical door. The bathroom has a glass-enclosed shower section. The walls are covered with ceramics. Also, the sink with marble countertop has a stylish framed mirror.

You can see this house up close and experience it by renting $206 (Airbnb) per night.

If you decide to switch to a tiny house life one day, it can help give you an idea.

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