Steel A-frame Cabin in the Tropical Forest

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The name of our project that we will introduce to you today is Palm Hotel. Palm Hotel started to serve in 2019. Hotel is located in Nakanda, Galkadanduwa, Ahangama, Sri Lanka.

The facility is built in an old coconut plantation. The facility consists of a common area made of shipping containers in the garden and steel cabins where guests will enjoy this magnificent nature.

The resort reinterpreted the traditional A-frame typology and combined it with a magnificent interior design for a romantic getaway in the tropical climate, perfect for two-person anniversaries, birthdays or re-lighting the fire.

Dark color coating is used on the exterior of the A type cabin. Vertical windows compatible with the outside of the cabin create a visual integrity.
The products preferred in the interior of the cabin are selected in accordance with the conditions of the tropical climate.

The polished concrete floor and the white tulle used on the floors of the cabins help to keep the room cool against the effects of the sun.

The interior decoration of the house is very simple and elegant. Unlike the dark color on the outside, there is an all-white decoration inside. The harmony between white and wood at home is perfect.

In addition, the lighting, bamboo sofa and coffee table used in the cabin reflect the tropical architecture in the best way.

If you want to enjoy the tiny house in this magnificent environment, you can access the page here.

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