Surprisingly Spacious Tiny House

Looking for a new location to explore the natural beauty? Have affection of calm environment? In search of the place having both things together? If yes, then the tiny house we’re gonna discuss could be your destination. Stay tuned till the end to know all about this amazing place.

The location of this tiny house is somewhere in the Milton, Florida state of USA. Milton is the best known for the rivers and beaches. This ravishing tiny house is just near Coldwater creek and is covering 20 acres of land.

This magical tiny house is hosted by Sydney.

The tiny house has the capacity to hold two guests at a time. The tiny house has a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, backyard, garden, and gazebo for the guests.

To be in this heavenly beautiful tiny house, the visitors pay $108 per night. Booking Here!!!

And it’s not a big deal as the memories guests take away with themselves are priceless. This tiny house is perfectly fine for newlyweds and couples to have some quality time.

The only bedroom of this tiny house is in the loft. Guests have to use the staircase to be in the bedroom. And there’s a double bed for having a relaxed sleep. The king-sized bed is covered with blankets and pillows. Guests are given extra pillows and blankets if needed as well.

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The bedroom gives the access to view the living room and the kitchen from the loft. Bedroom has a closet to manage the clothes if the guests are having long term stays here. Iron is also given by the hosts to the guests.

The kitchen of this tiny house is spacious and is a white-themed kitchen.

A stimulating sink is there for washing and drying the pots. The coffee maker and the sanitized cabins are the featured aspects of this tiny house. The cabins have stands for managing the pots.

The countertop of the kitchen seems like made of wood. There’s a conduction stove, and a bakery for baking items the guests want. And the kitchen has a refrigerator, pots, and pans.

The bathroom has a vanity, and there’s a shower, toilet, and a laundry section. The bathroom has a mirror, shower gel, shampoo, body wash, towels, and hangers. A washer and dryer are also provided to the guests. Hair dryer is also here to be used by the guests. And all other cleaning products are available.

The living room has a TV and internet access in form of Wi-Fi. There’s a double-seater sofa next to the kitchen in the living room. An inciting mat is placed in the living room, and a book rack is also managed in this room.

This tiny house is located in the heart of the woods.

There’s no hurry in the routine like cities. All the long days are composed and scheduled. The guests can hear the sound of the leaves of the trees, and there’s no noise of vehicles and sirens of traffic.

This tiny house is suitable for weekends and long stays as well. There’re two fireplaces in this tiny house. One fire pit is in front of the tiny house, and the other is at the backside of the tiny house, and both have appropriate furniture for sitting and enjoying the time making the best memories.

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A seating arrangement is administered outside the tiny house in the gazebo. The furniture of this gazebo includes two wooden chairs giving you hassle-free and composed vibes. This tiny house is very close to the sandbar.

And one of the most important things about this tiny house is its surroundings.

The whole area around this tiny house is fenced by greenery and floral plants. The fragrance of these flowers add calm, and coziness to this place.

Other than this, when guests spend time in the quiet area without any stress and disturbance, they feel a huge difference in their behaviors and moods. The tense routine is left somewhere back in the past location. Nature gives this level of energy and strength to depressed souls.

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Another sitting area is set outside the house, having two relaxing chairs. Guests can use it for reading books comfortably. An outdoor shower is also arranged for the guests in this tiny house.

Entire tiny house is extremely ventilated. These ventilations make it possible for the guests to view the scenery and greenery without going out. Guests can have views from bedroom, living room, and from the kitchen.

The tiny house has a separate workplace.

The guests can visit this tiny house to do their works with more concentration due to calm and undisturbed environment. There’s a chair and table ahead to be used as a working desk.

Air conditioners are fixed to manage hot weather and heaters are there for low temperature bearings. A river is very near to this tiny house. Guests can enjoy swimming there. Other than this, the morning and the sunset view from this river looks magical. All this is possible because the guests are given private entry to visit this lake.

Smoke detector is placed for safety of the guests.

Backyard of this tiny house is covered with grass. And the garden is also maintained by the workers here for the guests. Garden has the furniture to enjoy the barbeque. There’s a setup of barbeque in the garden as well.

Guests can enjoy the barbeque in gazebo as this place is lit up brightly at night using string lights. These factors make this place dreamy.

If you wanna do away with the boring repeating routine, you need a trip to the place like this. Travelling definitely impacts a person’s life positively always. If you don’t wanna miss the chance to sleep in the comfy bed of this tiny house, bake and cook in the matchless kitchen and wanna have the best evenings then do plan your visit as soon as possible. Match your dates and be here.

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