The Common Feeling of Those Who Choose a Small Life is Freedom and Happiness

The Big Tiny

Yes, it is the title of a book, but it is also the story of a journey to a tiny life…

Let’s get to know this 84 m2 tiny house.

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One of the examples of a tiny house on wheels, this big tiny house is named after Dee.

Our tiny house starts with a mini porch and an entrance door reached by two steps.

Photo Courtesy of THE NEW YORK TIMES

Dee Williams’s Health Problems was the beginning of the tiny house story.

 Dee Williams built this house in 2004. With a serious health problem, she started a new period in her life by first moving out of her big house with four beds. As this health process confronted her with the brevity of life, she redefined time, space, and human relationships.

Photo Courtesy of THE NEW YORK TIMES

A tiny life offered her the comfort of being able to spare time for herself, our work, her loved ones, and the things we love.

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The common feeling of those who choose a tiny life is a freedom and happiness…

In an interview with Dee Williams, she said:

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“Admitting that I’m happy enough makes me wonder if I’m falling short of my potential as a middle-class American, as if I should be asking more of life than this tiny house and backyard, sitting on the porch and watching the sun come up.

Photo Courtesy of THE NEW YORK TIMES

But the truth is: I have found a certain greatness in my tiny house – a sense of greatness, freedom, and happiness that comes when you realize that there is no other place you would rather be.”

Photo Courtesy of THE NEW YORK TIMES

The main building element of the house is natural wood

If we talk about the house, wooden materials were used entirely in the construction of the house. This feature provides a warm atmosphere to this tiny house.

Photo Courtesy of THE NEW YORK TIMES

There are seating, a kitchen, a shower, and WC areas in the entrance area and there is a sleeping area upstairs.
As for the entrance, there is a shower and WC area in the structure that continues in the form of a kitchen counter and seating area.

Photo Courtesy of THE NEW YORK TIMES

With an unstable staircase, we go up to the sleeping area, which looks like an attic. And that’s all there is to it.

The smaller, the happier

As a footnote, in 2016 Dee decided to downsize again from her 84 m2 house and gave the house she was living into her nephew Jonathon and moved to her new tiny house of 56 m2, which is much smaller and as cute as a truffle. Dee’s decision is described by those around her as going from small to tiny.

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