The Cabin’s Exterior Was Charred to Avoid Chemicals

In the heart of Santiago, where the bustling cityscape gives way to rugged landscapes, an unconventional retreat beckons. The Santiago Mountain Cabin, dedicated to embracing the melancholy of the region’s historical past, offers a unique experience for residents of the Chilean capital. This tiny cabin, with its intriguing design and emphasis on simplicity, provides an escape from the daily grind.

Photo Courtesy of Arch Daily (Felipe Camus)

Embracing History and Melancholy

Before the Age of Automobiles: A Glimpse into Santiago’s Past

Nestled in a location that was once connected to Santiago by a winding coastal road, the Santiago Mountain Cabin takes you on a journey back in time. Before the age of the automobile, this road served as a lifeline between the capital and the port, flanked by historical landmarks that whisper tales of days gone by. Abandoned monuments, battlefields, and gold mines are the remnants of an era that now rests in solitude.

Photo Courtesy of Arch Daily (Felipe Camus)

A Scholarly Retreat

An Academic Oasis Amidst Nature

This unique cabin is a haven for an academic couple and their peers, seeking to bask in the ambiance of the countryside’s slow pace. The primary aim: to create a space where two people can eat, sleep, and read comfortably, with all else balanced outdoors. The Santiago Mountain Cabin is a shelter that beautifully integrates with its surroundings while offering a stark contrast to the open environment.

Photo Courtesy of Arch Daily (Felipe Camus)

Compact Simplicity

Designing for Efficiency and Economy

The cabin measures a mere 15 square meters, emphasizing the importance of compact living. Its design revolves around simplicity – a single window on the ground floor sets the tone for activities in the higher room, while the mezzanine floor is dedicated to cooking and bathing. A central steel staircase leads to a penthouse with expansive horizontal windows framing the iconic mountain views.

Photo Courtesy of Arch Daily (Felipe Camus)

Prefab Perfection

Efficiency in Construction

Originally conceived as a permanent self-built tent, the Santiago Mountain Cabin is constructed using SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) panels. Prefabricated modules are strategically arranged and proportioned to gracefully perch upon pillars, making it a quick and efficient assembly. A team of three was able to bring this unique cabin to life swiftly, adhering to the imperative of ease of construction.

Photo Courtesy of Arch Daily (Felipe Camus)

The Art of Preservation

Traditional Charring Techniques

In a bid to avoid chemical treatments, veneer pine planks were charred on-site following traditional instructions. This charring not only lends a striking aesthetic appeal but also acts as a protective layer, preventing the cabin from succumbing easily to weather conditions and rotting. Inside, warm interior plywood panels conceal electrical and water pipes, providing a cozy and functional interior.

 Photo Courtesy of Arch Daily (Felipe Camus)

The Price of Solitude

Affordability in the Heart of Nature

The Santiago Mountain Cabin is not only a retreat in design but also in budget. Emphasizing simplicity and efficiency in its construction, this tiny cabin stands as a testament to the fact that a peaceful escape need not come at an exorbitant cost. It is a place where history meets modernity, where academia blends with nature, and where the price of solitude is comfortably within reach.

Photo Courtesy of Arch Daily (Felipe Camus)

In the Santiago Mountain Cabin, the past and present coexist harmoniously, offering a unique escape for those who seek to embrace the melancholy of history while finding solace in the beauty of the Chilean mountains.

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