The San Juan Tiny House

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Today we will show you tiny house from USA.

This is the San Juan Tiny House on Wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

The duo behind Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses design their own winsome home to pay tribute to the Colorado landscape.
For their own residence in the San Juan Mountains of Durango, Colorado, Greg and Stephanie Parham—the owners of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses—have crafted an eye-catching tiny home that’s packed with functional features including an elevator bed, a folding deck, and an awning made of solar panels. Above all, the design elements pay tribute to the spectacular surroundings.

The design and build of their own dwelling presented the Parhams with the opportunity to indulge in some ideas that they aren’t always able to explore with clients.

“It is more ‘organic’ than our other builds,” says Greg. “When we build houses for other people, they are normally on a tight budget and timeline, and this dictates a lot of design decisions. For this build, since we were doing all the work and didn’t have to pay for man hours, we committed to making something a little more eye-catching and beautiful than normal.” Additionally, since they didn’t have a hard deadline, it became a chance for Greg to experiment with some ideas and brush up on some woodworking skills.

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