The Tiny House Costs $117,000

Building and living in tiny houses have become so commonplace that it is now seen as a social movement. So why do people choose tiny houses and why is it essential to live in small spaces?
First of all, having a small house means a great advantage in terms of cost and the construction process. It is much easier with small house models to build a house where you want with much lower budgets and in a much faster and more practical way.

For a more free and mentally more comfortable lifestyle

In addition to these, the tiny house movement also has a lifestyle meaning. In order to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern city life and the stress that comes with technology, people now prefer to simplify their lives, minimize the damage to the environment and live with less. By living in small houses, we not only reduce the damage we cause to our environment but also adopt a more free and mentally more comfortable lifestyle.

This tiny house encourages minimal living

So, in this article, we will talk about an inspiring tiny house for those who adopt this lifestyle or have a plan in this direction in the future.

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The construction time of our tiny house is quite short. This tiny house, produced as assembled, is delivered to its owner in 64 boxes. Mounting methods have been modernized and made easier. It can be easily built by several people coming together.

Everything is customizable in the tiny house.

Everything from the window color to the cabinets is customizable in this tiny house. It can also be included in add-ons such as solar panels to be off-grid.

The tiny house costs $117,000. This cost may vary slightly with add-ons. 264 sqft. This tiny (12′ x 22′) house is planned as a single room and a separate bathroom. It has a large enough terrace in front. The terrace can be used as a living space in warm weather.

Photo Courtesy of AVAVA

Smart design

The tiny house has large windows at the front to make it bright. For this reason, the double-winged entrance door is made of glass from one end to the other.

When you enter, the first thing you see is the living area. This place can be used to eat and relax. Right in front of you is a large enough storage area.

Photo Courtesy of AVAVA

On the left is the kitchen area. Countertops and cabinets can be changed colors according to preference.

The door that opens after the kitchen belongs to the bathroom. The bathroom can also be changed according to preference.

Photo Courtesy of AVAVA

The right side is reserved as a sleeping area. A double bed can easily fit here. In addition, the remaining space can be used as a workstation.

This tiny house, which can be assembled in 4 weeks, may cause you to sell all your belongings and your big house in the city.

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