This Tiny House is a Millennial’s Dream

Our homes, where we can relax and be ourselves, and feel safe and comfortable, are being redefined every day. The harsh conditions of the city push people closer to nature. It also shrinks spaces to make life simpler. These tiny spaces, where we create memories and express our personality through design and decor, appear as a tiny houses.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

A Mexican couple managed to meet the nature that most of us dream of but do not dare. They planned the tiny house of their dreams by considering all the elements of nature. The tiny house was planned by Taller de Arquitectura Contextual. While making the plan, awareness of wild nature was brought to the fore by using local elements.

This 451-square-foot tiny house was built on a high platform

The tiny house is located on a corner of a 2.5-acre lot overlooking the Mexican landscape. This 451-square-foot tiny house was planned as a vacation home for the young couple.


Photo: Leo Espinosa

The land where the tiny house is located is quite a rocky area. It was built on a high platform, as the rocks are difficult to break. This platform not only protected the house from curious animals but also provided space for the swimming pool.

The materials used in the construction of the tiny house are completely local.

The tiny house, which has a rectangular prism shape, is positioned to receive maximum daylight and wind in order to obtain a comfortable temperature on the land. Locally produced lime and mineral pigments were used in the exterior plaster and paint.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

The wooden joinery was made of cedar wood, which is also one of the natural vegetation of the region. Thanks to the windows that can be opened along the wall, you get the feeling that the forest is inside. The walls seem to lift around you.

There is a bedroom on the Mezzanine floor of the tiny house.

We said that the tiny house was built on a platform. The tiny house is reached by a staircase of this height. The first area you will encounter when you enter the house is the living area. There is a table and an armchair in the area.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

The floor is made of polished concrete. One wall of the living area has become a compact kitchen. The benches and shelves made of the concrete house the refrigerator and utensils.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

Stairs are like a statue

There is a sleeping area on the mezzanine floor. This area is reached by stairs, which is almost a work of art. This section with large windows dominates both the pool view in front and the forest view. A double bed is the only item in this section.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

The bed is a part of the house as concrete. Next to it stands a table made of concrete again. The artwork under the stairs is used as a small warehouse.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

and a small pool

The part that we can call the terrace, which is an extension of the sitting area, is accessed through large doors. At the end of this section, there is a small pool. You can watch the view of nature from a safe height.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

The bathroom is just below the mezzanine. The shower area was made as a ledge to the tiny house. This allowed the ceiling to be open. Again, the sink made of concrete looks very aesthetic.

Photo: Leo Espinosa

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