This Tiny House Is So Charismatic

Throughout history, man has created a shelter for himself in different places and in different ways. They shaped it according to their imagination and needs. These shelters, which changed hands from generation to generation, had many stories. It was reshaped according to its story.

Has a large garden. IMAGE Courtesy of Airbnb

Genevieve Hammond’s tiny house also has such a story. In 2009, when they bought a tiny house for a simple life, there was another simple structure in the garden. It had everything a living space should have, including a chimney, plumbing, and electricity. But until now it had been used as a storage room, so it had not attracted much attention. They learned that this tiny space was actually one of the tiny houses built in Portland during World War II for people who came to work in the shipyards.

You can relax for a long time on the veranda. IMAGE Courtesy of Airbnb

Based on this story, they thought it should not be a warehouse, but a space that should be part of life. Genevieve’s husband first remodeled it as a music studio for himself. But when they realized that it wasn’t practical, they transformed it into a real living space and created an elegant tiny house.

The backyard of this tiny house. IMAGE Courtesy of Airbnb

The tiny house has an area of 216 square feet.

Although it is quite small, it is quite functional because of its ingenious design. The tiny house has a gray exterior and is surrounded by wooden fences.

The couple is quite happy in the tiny house. IMAGE Courtesy of Airbnb

The interior design of the tiny house is Scandinavian style.

The predominantly white design makes the interior very bright. The accessories were sourced from a local store with the help of a local designer.

The couple is quite happy in the tiny house. IMAGE Courtesy of Airbnb

At the entrance of the tiny house is the kitchen.

The kitchen is quite simple, the owners didn’t want it to be too elaborate as Portland has a variety of dining alternatives, but there are still enough appliances to prepare a small breakfast.

This is the kitchen. IMAGE Courtesy of Airbnb

After the kitchen is the sleeping area with a double bed. Under the bed is used as storage space

Double bed ideal for listening. IMAGE Courtesy of Airbnb

The tiny house has a very private backyard. In the summer you can pick cherries, blueberries, or apples, or grab an egg from the chicken coop.

The tiny house seems perfect for relaxing, experiencing a tiny bit of farm life, and enjoying what Portland has to offer

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