This tiny house was built on a paradise island.

Located on Murter Island in Croatia, at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean in Europe, the small, single-story building greets you with its calming ambiance as soon as you enter. The stone house consists of a single room.

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This tiny house of 25 square meters has a kitchen and a bathroom. All the elements are of the quality you would find in a meticulous hotel.

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With an understanding that does not compromise on functionality and tasteful decoration and comfort, this tiny house was built with simplicity and harmony based on the centuries-old geographical knowledge of the local people.

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The fragmented architecture and landscape offer opportunities for multi-purpose use. Let’s list the highlights of this issue:

Magnificent landscape use

The patio, the backyard, the stone oven (barbecue) in the garden, its location 20 meters from the sea, and its small pier, all promise complete relaxation. The open-air covered and night-lit patio is a pleasant place for long conversations, fresh air, and coolness. You can enjoy relaxing by listening to the crickets in the large hammock.

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 Stylish interior dominated by wood

Functional and tasteful decoration makes you feel at home, while carefully selected objects such as porcelain vases, glass bowls, retro coffee tables and tables, and antique radios make the interior feel special.

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Even though the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean remind you that you are far from home, the elements we mentioned complete our feeling of home.

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Ecological approaches that prioritize nature

The building with the solar collector is also environmentally friendly. It is a residence designed with smart and green design principles in every detail. Small families, groups of friends, paw buddies, and even our children can spend a pleasant time in this quiet place home, giving its guests a blue and green dream in trees on their right and left…

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Sharing like a traveler, not like a tourist

Sisters Magdalena and Mihovil are friendly and smiling hosts who have thought of every detail that should be in a home. The closest house on the island is about 50 meters away and is the only house on the island. If you have a boat license, it is possible to rent a 3.7 m long boat with a 3 hp engine. There is also a parking lot for your car when you reach the island from Macadam Road.

On the other hand, you will never feel lonely in any time of need, as the hosts live very close by. In a way, you feel like a native of this city.

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