Three Distinct Stone-Built Tiny Home

The first building material of humanity, stone, sometimes turns into a work of art and sometimes into a unique jewel in experienced hands. Today, we can see the traces of past civilizations by looking at the works made with stones.

We can all testify that the works made with stones, whose durability and strength are indisputable, have survived for centuries.

Recently, some architects have started to use stone, which is indisputable, for aesthetic purposes. One of these houses is a tiny house in Greece. The tiny house, all made of stonework, brings a unique lifestyle to you.

Little Otzias is located in Greece. The tiny house, which also bears traces of the Ancient Greek Civilization, was built using a local type of stone.

Photo Courtesy of One Kea Suites

It stands out with its magnificent stonework.

The tiny house, which has a sharp geometry, has its own small garden. The garden has very few plants due to the climate it is in. However, such a wonderful design has been applied that it does not make you feel the lack of greenery.

Photo Courtesy of One Kea Suites

There is a pool in the garden belonging to the tiny house. The simplicity of the pool is quite compatible with the simplicity of the house. If you are going to take a shower after swimming in the pool, the specially designed shower in the garden works wonders.

The garden walls of the tiny house are also made of the stones from which the house was built. The garden is entered from the street through a sliding iron door. There is also an old dining table in the garden. You can comfortably host your loved ones when they come to visit you.

Photo Courtesy of One Kea Suites

The tiny house was built as a single room and a separate bathroom.

Inside, the artistic beauty of a natural stone is in sight. It is even more interesting by being painted white.

The entrance to the tiny house is through two large doors. Doors also act as windows. The front of the entrance on the poolside is designed as a sitting area. The seat made of exposed concrete looks pleasing to the eye. Gross concrete was also used in the furniture of the house. The entire floor of the house is made of concrete.

Photo Courtesy of One Kea Suites

The tiny house does not have a very functional kitchen. However, a wooden dresser will help you make your coffee. Iron profile laths are placed just above the dresser. These iron slats act as a wardrobe for his tiny house, which lacks any storage space.

Photo Courtesy of One Kea Suites

Just behind the dresser is set as a sleeping area. The bed frame is also made of exposed concrete. The double bed on it looks ideal for a comfortable sleep at night.

The part behind the bed is the bathroom. In the bathroom, the artistry of the stone comes to the fore. Especially the stone carved washbasin is an indication of how high the fine art of the master is.

Photo Courtesy of One Kea Suites

If you want to witness how an ordinary stone turns into a work of art, you should definitely see this tiny house.

Apart from this bonus, a wonderful holiday awaits you. You can rent this tiny house for $160 per night, which you will think about coming to again.

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