Tiny Cottage With A Huge Veranda

Weekends are of course very valuable to all of us. Because during the week, it is possible to relieve the tiredness of the city crowd and work only on weekends.

These days, when we can only spare time for ourselves, we can relax and spend time with our loved ones. On some weekends, we have the chance to get away from the city for a moment and have a little vacation with our loved ones in a close location where we live. While making this holiday plan, the choice of the place where we will stay is very important so that the holiday plan reaches its goal.

In recent years, tiny houses have been very popular for weekend holidays. Since these tiny houses are mostly built in a natural environment, they both make you forget the crowds of the city and give you the experience of a simple life.

In the content we have prepared today, we will give all the details of a tiny house we have chosen for those who like to spend their weekends traveling.

Large private porch with hammock! This perfect spot is just what you need to enjoy a lazy day. Photo Courtesy of Villastay

This tiny house is located in Waco, McLennan County, Texas.

12 minutes from Downtown Waco and Magnolia Silos. Built on a land of 5000 sqft, this tiny house has a total area of ​​755 sqft.

There are so many trees on the land that it can be called a tiny forest. With this feature, it differs from other properties in the surrounding area.

This tiny house consists of two separate sections, a 323 sqft patio and a 432 sqft one-room residential area.

Careful attention has been paid to the preparation of the patio section. In this section, natural wood material is used as the main material.

The roof of the house is extended along the veranda, providing a unity.

Wooden beams and wooden poles holding the roof add a rustic feel to the patio.

Photo Courtesy of Villastay

In this part, a very large hammock is set up on opposite ceiling beams. The pleasure of relaxing in this hammock with the fan on the ceiling seems indisputable.

You can also chat, read a book, and sip your drink while watching the trees at the wooden table.

The tiny house has 3 windows and 2 entrance doors, one of which is sliding. You can enter the tiny one-room house through the door opening to the veranda or the sliding door on the side.

An open floor plan perfect for those who want to feel like they’re living outdoors. Photo Courtesy of Villastay

This tiny single room consists of a bathroom section separated by a barn door. The room has a sleeping area, dining area and kitchen.

Tiny house kitchen. Photo Courtesy of Villastay

As soon as you enter the veranda, there are all the tools to prepare your meals in the kitchen, which is located on the right. You will prepare your meals with pleasure on the marble counter while watching the outside from the tiny windows. There is a 4-person dining table right across the counter.

Tiny House With A Bright And Airy Interior

Looking for a bright and cheery tiny house? With pops of color and natural light, this home is sure to please. Photo Courtesy of Villastay

Right after this section, there is the sleeping section. The double bed here is accompanied by 2 nightstands. At the other end of the bed is a very stylish berjer chair.

Looking for a comfortable place to relax in your tiny house? This is exactly that spot. Photo Courtesy of Villastay
This full size shower is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a large shower, without sacrificing any space. Photo Courtesy of Villastay

As soon as you pass the sleeping area, there is a 65 sqft bathroom separated by the barn door. The bathroom has a bathtub, a toilet and a pedestal sink. There is also a very large storage area in one corner of the bathroom.

This home has plenty of natural light and an open floor plan that makes it perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Photo Courtesy of Villastay

It is possible to rent this tiny house for $134 per night, where you can spend a very enjoyable weekend and relax. Here you will have the whole experience of a tiny house. (Booking Here!)

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