This Tiny Farmhouse Cost just $6000

Most of the time we want to get away from the noise and stress of city life.

From time to time, the idea of ​​escaping from the tiring business life, meetings, e-mails and boring tables in the metropolis and living a calmer and serene life in touch with nature appears in our minds from time to time.

Although the thought of putting this idea into practice seems costly, it is of course possible to implement it with an affordable budget. The tiny farmhouse in this story may be an example to encourage you.

A modest budget tiny house of $6000 that rises on top of the pillars. Photo Courtesy of babban

This self-sufficient tiny house that emphasizes naturalness and health is located in Buriram, Thailand. The house, which has a rustic style in accordance with nature, has a large balcony.

This tiny house, built with wooden material on concrete pillars, cost 200,000 THB (aprox. $5800).

The tiny house was built only for family members to sleep in. Photo Courtesy of babban

The reason why it is made so cheaply is that the wood materials of the house come from recycling. The wood used here comes from the ruins of the owner’s father’s old house.

There is nothing in the house but the floor beds. Photo Courtesy of babban

The tiny house, built as a single floor with an open basement, consists of a single room. The room is used as a sleeping area. The tiny house, of which wooden materials are used on the floor and in the basic structure of the house, is placed in the middle of a large terrace.

The house has a balcony overlooking the land. Photo Courtesy of babban

The old railings of the terrace look very aesthetic and remarkable. You can feel the whole atmosphere of the farm while sipping your coffee on the terrace.

The tiny house, which has quite large windows, can benefit from the daylight as much as possible.

A gray color was chosen for its walls, thus creating a balance with the green environment it is in.

Photo Courtesy of babban

The construction of the house on high pillars gave dominance to the whole garden. It was possible to remotely control all planted products without going to them.

This hammock under the farmhouse is perfect for relaxation. Photo Courtesy of babban

It is very functional in the space created under the house.

It allows both the use of storage space and the establishment of a hammock where you can relax after working in the garden. A shaded area where you can be protected from the sun on very hot days can be considered as a natural air conditioning area since it is open.

A medium-sized pond was dug in the garden of the house for watering vegetables and fruits. The pond looks quite beautiful with lotus flowers.

This tiny house has the perfect ambiance for a pleasant barbecue after completing strenuous fieldwork! Photo Courtesy of babban

The atmosphere of the house creates a potential for tourism in the region where it is located.

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