A Tiny House is a Big Dream

For a long time, Janine Klingenstein lived in a large 5-room house in Steinach, Canton St Gallen, where she was born and raised. Janine, who also loves to travel, decided that a tiny house on a horse farm in Sweden was a more modest life she really wanted to live. She discussed with the owner of her accommodation the conditions for owning a tiny house in Sweden but realized that obtaining a building permit was a very difficult process.

After living in her big house for a while, she chose a life of self-determination and moved into her first tiny house, converted from a bus. She liked the mobile life, as she loved to travel. So any place he liked or liked became his living space. On one of her travels, when she asked her bus for accommodation, she learned that there was an empty tiny house on the site.

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In love with this tiny house, Janine decided to become its owner.

Janine started living in this tiny house, which is slightly smaller than her bus, and says that it feels good to leave things behind and that she is becoming more and more aware of what is really important.

Janine’s tiny house is located in the Zwischennutzung Gärtnerei complex. There are 14 tiny houses in total. They live together with people, ducks, cats, chickens, chickens, and even turtles. Some tiny house owners also have their workplaces in the complex. There is a carpentry shop, a bicycle repair shop, a café, and a small shop where they do their shopping.

Photo Courtesy of Swisslife

Janine Klingenstein’s tiny house, which she calls “Blechbüx”, which means “tin box“, is 16 meters square.

The main body of the tiny house is made of steel, similar to a shipping container. In front of the tiny house, which consists of a single room and a bathroom, there is a very large veranda. There is a practical table and a wooden sofa on the porch where he hosts his neighbors. The inside of the tiny house is entered through a door with large 2-leaf windows on the porch.

Photo Courtesy of Swisslife

When you enter, the smell of pine flooring hits you in the face.

Photo Courtesy of Swisslife

The ceilings, walls, and floors of the tiny house are all covered with wood. The first thing we come across is in the kitchen. The kitchen has a wooden countertop and lots of storage space. Moving to the left side of the kitchen, there is a small dining table. After the dining table, you move to the sleeping area. There is a single bed in this section. The bed is positioned slightly above the ground. The bed, which is accessed by a wooden staircase, has turned into a large area where clothes are placed. At the other end of the house is the bathroom. The bathroom is also very simple, true to the spirit of the house.

Photo Courtesy of Swisslife

Janine seems quite happy with her current lifestyle and says she will continue to live like this in the future. Although she loves this tiny house, she dreams of designing her own tiny house by the water.

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