Tiny House Built in a Day

If one day you get tired of your big house and your complicated life in the city. On that day, we will talk about a project that can change your life instantly. You can have a tiny house where you can start a minimal life as soon as you decide.

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The tiny house can be assembled on the day of order

Bio architects realized a project with this in mind. Their aim was to enable the customer to order from the same place, right down to the food at home, without wasting time, and to settle into their tiny home on the same day. This 27-square-meter tiny house consists of a single module and is delivered by truck to the installation site as soon as the order is placed.

Photo Courtesy of Dubldom

Great attention was paid to insulation.

The tiny house is built on a 35-square-meter foundation constructed from fire-resistant, dehumidified wooden blocks. The floor, walls, and roof of the tiny house are very well insulated using windproof insulation materials.

Photo Courtesy of Dubldom

The tiny house is divided into 5 functional zones. Bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and dressing room. In the interior design of these zones, oak veneer MDF is used to create a natural look. The floor is covered with carpet.

Large windows make the house look bright and spacious

Large windows have been installed in many parts of the house to make it more spacious. These windows with wooden frames are specially manufactured using three-layer glass. This provides very good insulation.

Photo Courtesy of Dubldom

The exterior cladding of the tiny house is made of 20 mm thick dry pine boards. The skeleton and roof of the building are made of metal profiles. The electrical equipment of the tiny house is completed by hiding it in the gaps without using any pipes.

It also has a terrace of considerable size

The small house has a terrace of 3×3,35 square meters. The terrace is accessed by a staircase with 10 steps. The terrace has a considerable size. You can use it as you wish. You can either eat or have a drink.

When you enter inside, you first come across the kitchen. There are all kinds of tools in the kitchen. The shelves on the walls and the cabinets under the counter are enough for storage. There is also a wood stove here, which is guaranteed to be enjoyable on cool days.

Photo Courtesy of Dubldom

After the kitchen is the bed area. The view of the bed on the platform in front of a large window shows that it has been carefully designed. The tiny house has a dressing room and a bathroom. The bathroom has a 100-liter tank.

Photo Courtesy of Dubldom

The tiny house is marketed by DublDom and costs $45,000. This price does not include taxes, shipping, or the price of the property.

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