Tiny House in a Teeny Area That Brings Great Happiness

Tiny houses have become an major trend in the world. By 2024, this market is expected to reach $6 billion. Today, with beautiful examples of the tiny homes concept we’ll show you a home from Turkey.

In many countries of the world, people now live in tiny houses. People who adopt a minimal lifestyle intertwined with nature continue their lives in these small but super useful houses.

Although their sizes vary, living in a tiny house full time has very practical solutions. Both by living an environmentally friendly and sustainable life.

Wouldn’t you like to experience tiny house and minimalist lifestyles too?

Today’s article we will talk about a small house which was implemented in Turkey to you.

With its modest dimensions of 6×3 m (18 m2 except the veranda and the second floor), the house has all the main necessities such as a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom. There is also a terrace in front of the house, which harmoniously complements the image of this house.

This tiny house is located on the property of Butik Evler Sapanca @butikevlersapanca

Sapanca district is located near Sapanca Lake. 800 meters to the nearest shopping place. 10 minutes walking to Sapanca Lake, 3 minutes by car. It is 9 km away from Kartepe. 6 km from ATV and safari activities. Maşukiye / 9 km.

Fore more details and booking : Butik Evler Sapanca

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