Tiny Farmhouse Surrounded by Unobstructed Views

Are you having the same hectic routine for the past few months? Bored of it now?

Wanna spend some time with yourself in nature or hang out with friends?

Wanna breathe in some fresh air away from the busy life of the cities? You need a break.

The best choice for such freaking situations is to leave the things and explore the beauty around you. For this, tiny houses are gonna be your first concern. In this article, we’ll discuss a farmhouse that matches your needs.

As the title indicates that the farmhouse we’re going to discuss is symbolic of privacy, isolation, and peace. This beautiful place is located in Hondo, Texas, USA. The location of the farmhouse is obviously great and peaceful.

The farmhouse is situated near the towns of Hondo and Bandera. So it has the beauty of nature and rivers as well. The property of this villa starts near Tarpley Taxes, that’s about an hour from San Antonio.

The area of about 72 acres around this bungalow is covered with trees. You get direct access to nature, birds, greenery, and the most important, luxury with the comfort of home. This is the thing that makes you enjoy yourself and forget about the world.

This house is a romantic approach for the newlyweds, babymoons, and anniversaries to get away from the life of the congested city and enjoy the weather swings.

You can experience the coffee and the seclusion under the shade of oak trees. It’s true that the house occupies a small area but is designed in such a way that it feels airy and wide. Having ventilation and the ceilings as well.

All the things in the house put on glamor and appeal to it. For example, the color and the design of ceilings is so light that it swings your mood for sure. All these little things help to make your trip enjoyable and full of fun.

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Then the bright colored prints over the walls. The candleholders hanging from the roof are the most amazing thing that lit up the whole room with their candles and make the moments more dreamy and romantic.


This tiny isolated bungalow can occupy 2 guests at a time. It has a single bedroom. This bedroom has a double bed and many other accessories. It does contain a bathroom.


All The services of this tiny house are offered by Devin and Sheri. But when you buy their services, you get access to the whole house.

If you wanna spend your vacations in extreme isolation this is the right place and you’re charged $141 per night.

Pets and children are not allowed here. You can spend your time with yourself if you come alone and it’s a great thing. You’ve got no one to disturb you.

You can come with a loved one also to get the positive vibes of this natural place. You’re provided with privacy for sure. As this house is far away from other houses.


As we already know that this house has a single bedroom. It’s well furnished and has a homey and restful double bed. The whole room is managed so well that you feel at home.

The major cause of this is the room’s paint color and also the goods managed in it like a beautiful mat, glassy and wide windows, air conditioner, and brilliant paintings.

The double bed has side tables, and on both side tables, some lamps enlighten the whole room.


The bathroom of this house is clean and hygienic. In fact, the whole house is hygienic. It contains a tailored vanity in it.

The bathroom has a walk-in shower. This may contain towels for you. It has a mirror, toilet paper, a hairdryer, and a washing machine.

Porch area

This special part of this tiny house gives you an additional seating area. It also has a gas fire table. You can enjoy your breakfast there. And at night, you can do barbeque there as well. Because there’s a set of comfortable chairs and a table for you.

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Seating in this open area, you get a gateway to the area filled with beauty and nature. Explore that area don’t forget to have your hiking boots and camera with you to capture the beauty and the joyful memories.


In the garden of this house, you’ve got a hammock. You can spend the sweet afternoons there on it to have mental peace. It’s a great place to enjoy the afternoon naps.


You’re provided with everything you need to prepare the meal, including the pots to the spices. You also have a coffee pot, refrigerator, microwave, burner, cookware, and dishes.

The most superior feature of this cottage is a thrilling sink made perfectly for your ease.

The cabinets of this kitchen are also worth seeing.

The things managed in this house tells about the great choice and taste of the designer. Shelves are another part having stylish buffets making the kitchen extraordinary.

Supreme cleanliness

The additional factors that enhance the beauty of this place are the extreme cleanliness policies of the management and the Wifi facility to stay tuned to the world and entertained.
The access to this house is free parking. The balcony here is elegant from where you can see our animals on the farm.

Private pool

One of the most crabbing features of this cottage is a private pool. By bathing in this pool, you can enjoy the glamor and romance of the night. The sky full of the star is a scene that may give you Goosebumps as it’s one of the most captivating scenes in this world. An additional feature of the place is the silence and the privacy we provide you there.

I hope this private and quiet area will be in your consideration while planning a tour alone or with your friends to have a memorable trip. If yes, then contact the team!

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