Tiny House That Prioritizes Nature

The increasing crowd, traffic, air pollution, epidemics, and many other reasons cause many people to make plans to escape from cities, paving the way for them to prefer small and useful areas in nature. Minimal life is no longer a marginal approach, but rather the common paradigm of being peaceful and harmonious…

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Feeling comfortable in small living spaces is now much easier with smart designs. Dining or sitting areas can be solved in the same area as the working areas. Minimal items preferred in furniture selection in small houses provide comfort easily.

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In Belgium, Jérôme and Olivia built their little house in the Flemish Forest with these ideas in mind.

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This very useful tiny house, consisting of dynamic pieces, not only makes us question our luxury preferences, but also offers an option where comfort can be achieved with eco-friendly choices.

Architectural Design Giving Priority to the Lake

The exterior design of the tiny house, which was designed as a single room, was built using completely recyclable wood materials.

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The tiny house was built on log foundations at a height of about 1 meter from the ground so that the lake would not be affected by the water when it rose. A small patio has been added right in front of the house where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the lake.

Watching is the first step to being a part of it

You enter the tiny house through a tastefully designed door with very large windows that open from the patio.

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The first thing you notice when you enter is the wall coverings. Veneers made by carefully cutting recycled wood ensure the continuity of naturalness from outside to inside. The entire tiny house is furnished with designed furniture. Thanks to the design furniture, the modernity of the city are added to the naturalness of the house, and the atmosphere of the house is softened a bit.

The integrity of Different Design Concepts

The most striking part of the tiny house is the kitchen made of gross concrete.


This element, which prioritizes the gross concept, almost salutes the 70s. The kitchen, located in front of a large window, is gracefully integrated with the wooden parts of the house.

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Living spaces created with tiny houses and furniture, which are usually hidden in nature and designed to be as small, independent, and useful as possible, create a space for families, couples, and groups of friends to strengthen our ties with nature that we sometimes lose.

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Despite the complexity of city life, such warm and friendly environments are very effective in strengthening our family and social ties.

The modern individual, frightened by nature, now seeks new horizons and starts mental and physical journeys in nature with the new principles that he finds harmonious and friendly, and with the awareness of being a part of it.

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