Tiny House with 10 Windows

We wanted to bring you this tiny yet comfortable house built as a special project in California, USA. This tiny house, built by web designer Alek Lisefski, is planned in detail to meet all your needs and to spend a pleasant and productive time.

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The tiny house was built on a trailer

This tiny house has an area of 160 sq. ft. It is built on an 8×20′ flatbed trailer. In order to maximize the use of interior space in the house, a low-sloping hut-style roof was preferred. The design is very modern and the tiny house has 10 windows to maximize natural light. These windows provide bright interior spaces.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

The tiny house has sustainable energy sources.

High-efficiency LED and compact fluorescent lighting is used inside the house. In the daytime, the house benefits from daylight through its many windows, while in the evening, sustainable products are preferred for the lighting apparatus.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

The ground floor consists of a bathroom – homemade composting toilet – shower – kitchen sink, sitting area, and work and dining tables placed in the sitting room are small but valuable. There is hot water installation in the shower-kitchen-bathroom.

All items needed for living are available in the tiny house

The kitchen has all the necessities for a home kitchen with a marine 2-burner propane stove and oven, a refrigerator/freezer in the same space, and convenient shelving.

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High-efficiency electric convection heater, combo washer/dryer unit, and an exhaust fan for odor and humidity are features of this tiny home.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

Upstairs, the loft has been designed as a bedroom with a cozy double bed, a large bright window, and a wardrobe.

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When the tiny house was built, great attention was paid to insulation.

Here are a few details about the exterior,

  •  Fiberglass double-glazed low-E coated argon-filled windows,
  • Spray foam insulation (high R-value closed-cell)
  • Rain screen outer coating for improved moisture control
  • A modern roof with metal fittings and unique cedar/metal siding.

The most important thing we observe throughout the tiny house is the use of sustainably sourced products and the efficient use of materials to minimize construction impact.

Their food comes from their own tiny garden.

Anjali and Alek built this tiny house in a natural area. They have a garden around their house and they grow some of their food needs in this garden.

Photo Courtesy of Archilovers

What do you think about a tiny, peaceful, wonderful house in nature designed with sustainably sourced products?

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