Tiny House With Black Texture Covering

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We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Our current cabin is located near Daegwanryeong Sheep Farm. DNC Architects designed it as a black cuckoo clock by its executive architect. The house has a usage area of ​​19 m².

The most striking detail in the exterior structure of the house is the exterior coating used. Plywood painted with a dark oil stain was preferred to fit the harsh winter conditions and natural environment. In addition, natural conditions were determinant in determining the roof structure of the house.

The roof of the house is designed in a triangular shape to prevent snow from accumulating on the roof in winter. While designing all the details of the house, attention was paid to the use of natural materials and natural materials.

Wooden veneer is used throughout the interior decoration of the house. On the ground floor of the house, there is a living room, kitchen and bathroom. There is a bedroom on the roof floor. Every part of this tiny house is designed functionally.

A refrigerator is placed at the bottom of the stairs used to climb from the ground floor to the attic, and the remaining sections are used as bookshelves. One of the most important features of the house is the ability to watch movies by reflecting the projector located in the front of the stairs to the front window curtain of the house.

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