Tiny House with Climbing Wall Design

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We continue to search for the best for you. The tiny house we will show you today is located in the Swedish countryside.

Architect Leo Qvarsebo designed the tremendously fun triangular house with a climbing wall on the front to spend the summer vacation with his children. The tiny house is located on the wide plain. You can have a pleasant time on the swing on the veranda at the front of the house. You can also enjoy the sun and sea views from the sun loungers on the wooden veranda. There are 8 rooms in the tiny house with a total living area of ​​85 square meters.

The blue and green colors used with the wood texture in the interior of the house attract attention. There is a large green armchair and a table in the seating area. Blue and green colors are also preferred for the chairs on the edge of the table. The kitchen at the bottom is designed very simply with a stove, sink and storage areas.

The blue color preferred in the bunk bed in the child’s room provides integrity with the whole house. There is a large bed in the master bedroom on the upper floor. When you look through the wide window at the front of the bed, a breathtaking view welcomes you.

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Qvarsebo; Qvarsebo
Qvarsebo; Qvarsebo
Qvarsebo; Qvarsebo
Qvarsebo; Qvarsebo

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