Tiny House with Organic Design

Sounds like an exciting and ambitious dream! To design and build a complete project for off-grid living. Two friends built their own tiny house in a barn, based on the experience of one who built his own tiny house and the craftsmanship and creativity of the other. Then, based on many tiny house stories, they formed the liberte team for this work. Their team includes designers, planners, carpenters, assemblers, and interior designers. Today we will take a closer look at one of the tiny houses designed and built by this team. We hope it will inspire you too.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

The exterior of the tiny house attracts the attention

Makatita, one of Liberte’s latest projects, is our tiny house today. This tiny house draws attention with its exterior. Instead of an angular design, each line is different from the others. A tribute to the organic structures of nature. In fact, with its wooden exterior cladding and the thin slats over the windows, it resembles the view of a leaf that has fallen to the ground in the fall.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

An off-grid tiny house and portable

This tiny house is built on wheels. It can be transported anywhere in the back of a car. With 182-square-foot living space, the tiny house is designed as a single room, a mezzanine, and a separate bathroom. The interior design is made of wood panels just like the exterior design. Its organic structure creates a pleasant ambiance inside as well. Thanks to the position and shape of the windows, the reflection of daylight inside gives the feeling of being in a forest among the trees.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

Right at the entrance of the tiny house, there is a sufficiently large terrace. With a table and chairs, it can be a perfect relaxation area. When the large windows facing the terrace are turned towards a view of your choice, the view will be a continuation of your tiny house.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

Inside, it feels more spacious than it looks from the outside

The first part you enter can be used as a seating area. The first thing that catches your eye here is a wood stove. The stove is built on a high platform, and right next to it is a natural seating area. It feels warm even when it is not lit.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

When you go a little further, you can see a small door. Behind the door is a compost toilet. After this is the kitchen. The kitchen, cabinets, and countertops are also made of wood. There are many storage spaces around. A retractable table is mounted on the side wall.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

Next to the kitchen is a staircase hanging on the wall. This staircase leads up to the mezzanine. The mezzanine can be used as a sleeping area. Two people can sleep here comfortably.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

The tiny house also has a small bathroom. This is the only place that doesn’t look like wood. The ceramics seem to give the tiny house an even more modern feel.

IMAGE Courtesy of liberte tiny houses

Liberte says that the tiny house they built usually costs between $85,000 and $150,000, depending on the design, execution, choice of materials, and level of finish. If you would like to have such an off-grid tiny house, maybe this project will inspire you.

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