Tiny House with Private Pool

Can’t focus on your work properly? Need a break? Wanna spend some time with your family? If yes, then read this whole article.

You’ll get an idea about an amazing place having a tiny house where you can calm yourself and be back with full energy.

If you’ve never visited any tiny house then, it’s the best time to go for it. Believe me, you’re gonna love this place, and it’ll really be worth it. Long story short, this is the best tour you’ll ever have.

This supreme tiny house is located in Ula, Mugla, a province of Turkey.

Ula is the best place known for tourism. And this town is well recognized for the Turkish style traditional houses. This tiny house is near the Aegean Sea as well. It means the whole town is a paragon of natural beauty.

This private villa in the chalet is hosted by Hizir. And, is the super host I must say. For all the services of this house you are gonna spend 500 Turkish liras per night ( Aprox. $50 ).

One thing most of the visitors of this house praise is the cleanliness here. The management of this house is so quick and efficient to keep this house up to date. Also, all the members of management are humble and dedicated to their work.

The location of this tiny villa is a secluded area where no one is gonna interfere with your privacy. This place is the best for people in search of calm and privacy.

The tour of yours with your family helps you to do away with all the depressing thoughts and the things wondering you. Nature has the power to heal you, and also it acts as a therapy for most people.

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This brilliantly designed and managed house can hold four guests at a time. It contains a single bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a shared bathroom. There’s a swimming pool and a garden as well. The surroundings of this house add beauty to this place.

Swimming Pool

The most popular and demanding feature of this beautiful and ravishing tiny house is the swimming pool it has. This extremely dreamy place is surrounded by greenery all around and has a breathtaking view ahead. Here, you can enjoy swimming as well as the natural beauty spread around. There’re two relaxing pool chairs which are obviously awesome also a small wooden table.


The bedroom of this exemplary tiny house is enough to occupy a full-size bed in it. The bed has side tables. The whole room has light colors on the walls that create relaxing vibes around you.

There’s a perfect painting fixed on the wall in the room. The room also contains a dressing table. The dressing table includes a chair, a mirror, and a wooden table.

A closet is also present in this well-managed room to manage your primary goods. There’re curtains of white colors.

An amazing feature of this house is that the roof of the bedroom is movable. So, it can be removed partially to welcome the sun inside the room. It’s quite amazing to enjoy the weather lying down on your bed.

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The bathroom of this gorgeous place is also soothing, as it has a shower to take bath.

This does have a washbasin, mirror, and a rack for towels and shoes. There’s a toilet as well. It’s decorated with valuable marble. The whole house is lit up using led lights, and this enhances the attraction of this ideal place.


The most primary element of a house is its kitchen. This tiny house has a magnificent open kitchen in the living room. This kitchen is very clean and also has lofty wooden cabinets. The shelf is also dazzling.

There’s an electric kettle in the kitchen and a stove for cooking meals as well.

The house has a facility of outdoor dining in front of the pool. There’re four wooden chairs and a dining table under the shade where you can enjoy your breakfast and afternoon for sure.

Living Room

The living room is definitely exalted as it’s furnished carefully. It occupies a cozy three-seater sofa and a wooden table in front of it. There’s a single sofa as well. A glorious and clean mat covers the space of the living room.

There’s a glass door to go inside and out. Also, this room has giant glassy windows for ventilation. TV is also positioned in the living room for the entertainment of the guests.

There’s a garden in front of the pool and is covered with grass. This tiny house also has a fireplace outside the house. And most importantly, this house gives you an area to wash your clothes, bed linens as there’s a sink and a washing machine. It means you can book a long stay in this house for sure.

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I hope you’ve got the answers to your queries regarding this article. This is the right place if you wanna enjoy yourself for some time. To perform better in your life, you need a break, and it’s an ideal place to travel with your family or friends as well.

For further details, visit the official website and book your stay here. Safe journey!

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