Tiny House with Unique Vertical Design

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We continue to search for the most unusual and striking tiny house designs for you. The present house is located in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia. The name of the project is Carlton Pavilion.

Property owners living in the city border maximize and improve their homes as the space becomes limited. The house is only 4 meters wide and has a living space of 30 m2 in the backyard of an existing terraced house.

The house stands out with its large windows and vertical design when viewed from the outside. The light color wood coating preferred in the interior made the house look brighter and more spacious. There is a seating area, toilet and bathroom on the ground floor. The toilet and bathroom are separated from the area with the help of a sliding door and privacy is ensured.

You can climb upstairs using the wooden stairs at the entrance of the house. The bedroom and kitchen are located on the upper floor. Thanks to the vertical design of the house, it was built with a high ceiling. This situation has created a very spacious bed area.

While the wide windows used in the house benefit from natural light during the day, model lighting has been preferred in various parts of the house at night.

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