Tiny House with Wood Veneer with Different Geometric Angles

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We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Austin, Texas, USA.

The name of our project that we will talk about today is The Hive. The house is located behind the main residence of television, documentary and film producer Kerthy Fix. Hive was designed by Studio 512 based in Austin. The construction of the Hive was completed in 2015, with a total cost of $ 160000.

The house attracts attention with its geometric design with different angles. The exterior of the house is long-leafed pine veneer recycled from a local bungalow.

Looking at the house from the outside, another striking detail is the windows. There are many different sized windows in the house. The white color preferred in the entrance and windows of the house has added a modern atmosphere to the design.

By using wood and white color in the interior of the house, integrity is achieved throughout the house. The ground floor of the house is polished concrete, and the upper floor is covered with charred wood.

There is a kitchen and living area on the ground floor of the house. The house has a very large kitchen. There are plenty of shelves, storage space and a wide counter in the kitchenette. Modern lighting used throughout the house is also used in the kitchen part to provide a brighter area.

A stylish look is provided with the black leather armchair, copper coffee table and accessories used in the living area.

The stairs used for the exit on the upper floor are designed with an angle in order to have a better view with the second floor. There is a working area at the end of the stairs.

The toilet, bathroom and bedroom are located on the upper floor. Space saving has been achieved by choosing an extremely wide built-in bed in the bedroom. Shelves and cabinets used just above the bed create a useful bedroom with plenty of storage space. You can enjoy the view from the windows on the side of the bed.

There is a shower area made of geometrically cut frameless glass and a very modern bathroom with dark colored floor tiles.

More information can be found here.

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