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A writer is influenced by the events around him/her and the area in which he/she lives, as well as by his/her emotions while creating his/her work. Some writers prefer to write in special places in order to concentrate fully on their work.  Cornelia Funke, a German author of children’s books, wanted to have a tiny house to use as a writing studio and guest house.

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The tiny house is off-grid

Designed by Nashville, Tennessee-based New Frontier Homes, this tiny house measures 24’l x 8’6 “w x 13’6 “h, 256 square feet (including the attic).

Photo Courtesy of NFD

Located on a plot of land surrounded by forest, the tiny house has a natural view. The exterior cladding is aluminum and the main structure is made of cedar wood. Due to its location, the tiny house is not connected to the grid and its electricity needs are met by solar panels.

Photo Courtesy of NFD

The interior design is also quite impressive

The tiny house, which you reach by climbing up a four-step staircase, welcomes you with its large windows. The windows are so skillfully placed that they provide a 270-degree panoramic view of the tiny house.

Photo Courtesy of NFD

When you enter, the natural look of the wood is one of the first things that catches your eye. The interior design was made according to the needs of the author. For example, it has a folding table with a huge window in front of it and floating bookshelves. This a detail that is not surprising considering that this house was designed for a writer, but it is a detail that fulfills the need.

Recycled materials were also used.

The parquet of the tiny house is made entirely by hand from recycled wood. Its appearance reveals the master’s magnificent workmanship.

Behind the sizeable glazed entrance door, there is a cozy sofa in the entrance area. This is a pleasant open living space.

Apart from wood, colorful materials decorate the house

Under the mezzanine, there are kitchen and bathroom areas. Unlike the entrance, these areas have a very colorful design.  The kitchen is modest in size with a pastel yellow color. Although it is not big enough for cooking, there is enough for coffee. Maybe small snacks can be prepared.

Photo Courtesy of NFD

The bathroom is pastel green. It has a simple design. It has a small shower and a compost toilet.

Photo Courtesy of NFD

The mezzanine upstairs is a very cozy bedroom with a comfortable large bed that promises a deep and restful sleep. With panoramic views, this mezzanine beckons the muses every morning.

Photo Courtesy of NFD

Great importance has been given to the brightness of the house.

Dimmable LEDs, which are preferred for interior lighting, dominate the whole atmosphere of this tiny house.

Although this house was not built to be lived in full time, it can be used as a permanent living space depending on the user’s preference. If you want to own such a house, you have to pay $165K.

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