Tiny Lake House Invites You to Nature

The gradual decrease in green areas in big cities causes people to long for natural life. Recently, lake houses, where water and nature coexist, are very popular to meet this green longing of people.

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Opportunity for those bored of the city

We chose this house for those who are tired of the concrete and gray of the city. This tiny house by the lake, surrounded by nature, is a great opportunity for a getaway with your family.

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This unique house on the edge of Lake Pepin is located in Lake City, Minnesota. Built a few steps from the beach, the house is located very close to the city center. When you leave the city center and come to the house, you are greeted by tall trees and a lush green area.

Beautiful in every season

The house by the lake takes on a different aesthetic in every season because it is surrounded by nature. In summer, the sunny weather combined with the beauty of the plants makes the surroundings even more colorful. In winter, especially on snowy days, it takes on a fascinating and mystical look, like in nostalgic postcards.

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The tiny house is made entirely of wood

This lake house is 900 sq. Ft in size. It has three rooms, 1 bathroom, and a separate kitchen. This lake house, which has a large veranda where you can spend good times, is ideal for crowded groups. The entire house in an A-frame construction style is made of natural wood. The gray color preferred for the exterior looks in harmony with the green nature and the blue lake.

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When you walk a few steps from the lake, the wooden stairs of the house welcome you. You reach the porch from the wooden stairs. You admire the entrance door with large windows standing in front of you. When you step inside, the aesthetics and smell of wood inform you that you have stepped into another life.

The aesthetics and smell of wood are wonderful. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO

Ideal for large families and crowded groups

There is a seating area at the entrance. A nostalgic design is preferred in this area. The seats are quite comfortable, a crowded conversation will be quite enjoyable in this area. The specially designed wood stove for cool days already makes it warm with its appearance.

Seating area. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO

After the seating area is the kitchen. The marble countertop of the kitchen borders the seating area. It is also possible to use it as a table. It is possible to find all kinds of appliances in the kitchen. You can easily prepare your meals and drinks.

The kitchen is quite spacious. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO

There are two rooms upstairs

After the kitchen, you reach the first bedroom. There is a big bed for two people. The floor is completely carpeted. From the window, you have a view of the lake. From here you go out through a side door to the backyard. The barbecue is waiting for you here.

The first bedroom is downstairs. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO
Barbecue in the backyard. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO

The wooden stairs next to the kitchen lead upstairs. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. One bedroom has a double bed and the other has two single beds. The bathroom is in the style of a classic farmhouse bathroom. Very simple designed ceramics are chosen in harmony with the wood.

The bathroom is designed in a classic style. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO
View from an upstairs room. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO
The other room. IMAGE Courtesy of VRBO

If you want to get away from the crowds of the city for a moment and you have family or friends with the same idea, this house can offer you a different life for a few days. To experience this, you can rent this house for $181 per night.

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