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Tiny Shell House ın Japanese Forest

Hi everybody

We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from forest of Nagano Prefecture in Japan.

Our tiny house today, Tono Mirai Architects, designed a small creative house with a shell-like appearance in the jungle The client requested a house with “extraordinary, beautiful architecture that doesn’t make you feel old over time”. The result is a house with unique curves and open to trees. This tiny house allows you to have a unique experience while exploring nature.

During the construction of the tiny house, it was built using local materials such as wood and clay and crafted using traditional construction techniques. An ideal tiny house with its simple and minimalist structure.Dark wood tiles cover the curved exterior, recessed windows and skylights capture little natural light, and a light wooden door welcomes guests. On the other side of the house, large sliding doors are an indoor / outdoor living experience and allow residents to enjoy the nature surrounding the house. A fireplace with a mallet bends out of the wall.



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