Tiny Ship Shaped House is Built with 100% Recycled Materials

People have been building ships since 4000 BC. He used these ships in many parts of his life and still uses them. Many ships have been built so far to cross the oceans, navigate deep waterways, fish and even fight.

Think of a ship, what comes to mind? Naturally, most of us see an object floating in the middle of a deep blue sea and people trying to get somewhere.

Well, have you thought that there might be a ship in a lush forest sea?

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Tiny House Home Tour

Kelly’s ship is floating in the forest. Kelly built a tiny house for himself, inspired by Noah’s Ark. The tiny house, made entirely of recycled wood in the shape of a ship, is located on a 50-acre land.

On the land, there is a lake where you can fish, a stream that flows continuously throughout the year, and plenty of hiking trails.

One look at the tiny home and you realize that all the sections, the sections of a ship, are exactly matched. Its hull became the kitchen and living area, the deck became the terrace, and the wheelhouse became the bedroom.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The striking image of the tiny home is a testament to what human imagination can do.

You can enter the tiny house through a door that opens from the trunk, and to the upper floors with a wooden staircase that goes right on the side.

When you enter, the view of old woods makes you feel like you are on an old ship from history. Another thing that catches your attention is the cabin windows lined up along the wall.

Interior Design of Tiny House

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In the trunk section you enter first, there is the living area, the kitchen and the bathroom, which is accessed through a wooden door. The sitting area has a small armchair and a wooden table where you can read a book and have a drink.

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Beyond the living area is the kitchen. The kitchen counter and cabinets are also made of aged wood. The kitchen has all the tools to make your coffee and food.

The door that opens from the side of the kitchen belongs to the bathroom. The same design stands out again in the bathroom. It has a wooden cabinet, a wooden counter, a sink and a shower.

You reach the upper floor by wooden stairs. This is planned as a sitting area. In accordance with the worn-out image, the items here are chosen as antiques. In this section, you can watch TV or go out and enjoy the view from the terrace.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The upper floor is the bedroom, and there is a large bed in the room. The bedroom has its own tiny shower and a tiny balcony.

If you want to experience a ship on land, we recommend you to see this interesting tiny home. If you are dreaming of a tiny house, it can give you an idea. You can rent the tiny house for $157/night, where you will have this interesting experience.

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