He Bought an Abandoned House and Transformed It into a Dream Tiny Home

Nestled in a village lane known as the cobbles, a series of abandoned or underused buildings caught the eye of one ambitious individual.

Among them, a small, mysterious edifice whose purpose and ownership were unknown; a quaint cottage serving as a museum for the poet Michael Bruce; and an old, worn-out building that had not seen residents for over half a century.

Driven by a vision, our storyteller embarked on a remarkable journey in October 2020, transforming the latter into their first home.

This blog post unveils the transformative process of this abandoned building into a cozy, inviting residence, highlighting the challenges, creative solutions, and heartwarming outcomes.

Abandoned House and Transformed It into a Tiny Home – Photo : George Dunnett (Youtube)


Armed with ownership and a clear vision, the initial walkthrough revealed a structure in dire need of love and attention.

The walls were in rough shape, the floors were barely there, and signs of dampness were evident. With foundational work cut out for them, the new owner was far from discouraged, excitedly planning the renovation phases.

The Foundation of a Tiny Home

The removal of the old staircase marked the first significant step in reimagining the space.

Brick and cement took the place of crumbling walls and old fireplaces, while structural support was added where needed.

The downstairs floor received a concrete makeover, setting the stage for the transformation that awaited.

Battling The Elements

With the structure taking shape, an unexpected challenge surfaced. The roof, upon inspection, was found severely lacking, necessitating unforeseen expenses for scaffolding and repair.

However, the painstaking process of repointing the stonework paid off, breathing new life into the building’s exterior.

Creating Warmth and Light

The installation of insulation marked a turning point, with the building beginning to feel like a home.

Roof windows introduced natural light, electrifying the space with potential.

Plasterboarding followed, dividing the open areas into recognizable rooms and further solidifying the transformation.


As walls and floors took shape, attention turned to the finer details that would mark the space as uniquely theirs.

A bespoke hardwood oak staircase replaced the precarious ladder, offering both safety and elegance.

The choice of white paint with blue-gray accents in the bedroom and bathroom added personality, while hardwood oak floors throughout tied the interior together.

Outdoor Synergy

In a nod to the lane that inspired the journey, the front of the house saw the addition of cobbles, skillfully laid by the owner’s father.

This thoughtful detail connected the home’s exterior with its historical surroundings and the transformative path walked by the owner.


After months of hard work and anticipation, the building that once stood forlorn and forgotten was now a vibrant home.

From a ground-level filled with mud to a two-story abode radiating warmth and style, the transformation was complete.

The open layout, complemented by functional and aesthetic choices, reflected the owner’s journey from vision to reality.

Living the Dream

Now, three months into living in their rejuvenated space, the owner reflects on the journey with satisfaction and joy.

The once-abandoned building stands as a testament to what vision, determination, and hard work can achieve.

Beyond the walls and windows, it symbolizes the possibility of transformation and the beauty of making a dream home a reality.

In sharing this journey, the hope is to inspire others to see beyond the surface, to imagine what could be, and to take bold steps towards realizing those dreams.

Whether it’s renovating an old building or tackling another daunting project, the message is clear: with commitment and creativity, old stories can give way to new beginnings.

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