Treehouse Beyond Dreams

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The treehouse symbolizes freedom, independence, a sense of wonder and mischief. Picture a treehouse. You can climb up with the help of a spiral staircase with a sauna on the roof, and use a slide if you wish to go down. If you think it’s over, these are just the beginning.

There is a copper bathtub on your deck, alternatively you can take a shower in the open air. This treehouse is beyond imagination with its design and what it contains.

The treehouse is Woodsman’s Treehouse, nestled among the branches of oak trees in the forest of Dorset. It has been designed in a sustainable way without straining the trees in any way.

It is a great experience to live your daily life among the tree branches and to feel the natural life flowing over you. The house attracts attention with its simple and high quality structure. The interior of the house is as interesting as the exterior.

In the center of the house, the revolving fireplace and leather armchairs draw attention. The house has an extremely large king-size bed. You will not miss any moment of nature with the window on your bed.

It is a pleasure to cook in the fully equipped kitchenette in front of the window. There is also a pizza oven and a barbecue on the deck of the treehouse.

In addition to all outdoor bathing pleasures in rainy or snowy weather, there is a double-ended copper bath in the interior of the house that will give you this pleasure.

It is a great choice to get tired of the movement of the city and enjoy the forest view towards the sunset between the branches in a magical environment.

More information can be found here.

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