A Look at the Unique Design of a Two-Story Tiny House

Hey there, friends! Today, we’ll be talking about a growing trend amongst people who are looking for a more peaceful and nature-filled life away from the chaos of the city. With recent epidemics and natural disasters, many are opting to live in detached houses, moving to the countryside to raise their families.

There are various options available to cater to this demand, such as tiny houses, caravans, and container houses. Among these, tiny houses seem to have captured the most attention with their diverse designs. So, today I’ll be sharing an inspiring two-story tiny house design that might just pique your interest!

Introducing the 620 sqft Two-Story Tiny House

This 23×27 ft house boasts a unique design, featuring a pitched roof that covers almost the entire second floor. What’s even more eye-catching is the charming balcony protruding from the center of the pitched roof.

Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

On the first floor, windows face the front, while the upper floor windows face the back, with the delightful balcony being the only connection between the upper floor and the front of the house.

Tiny House Floor Plan

Despite its small size, this house has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate a family comfortably.

Ground Floor Plan – Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

The ground floor includes a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a toilet. The kitchen is notably spacious for a tiny house.

First Floor Plan – Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

Moving on to the first-floor plan, we find a bedroom with two single beds, a study, a large bathroom, and the lovely balcony.

While the rooms aren’t huge, the compact design maximizes the available space, making it quite cozy and functional.

A Quick Tour of the Rooms:

Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

Living Room: Upon entering, you’re greeted by welcoming bookshelves. The TV is mounted above the fireplace, with additional bookcases beside it and next to the chair. Perhaps an armchair could replace one of the bookcases for added seating.

Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

Kitchen: Surprisingly spacious for a tiny house, the kitchen is both practical and roomy. It’s clear that the largest area of the house has been dedicated to this space.

Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

Bedroom: Though on the smaller side, the bedroom features a small dressing area created by the cabinets opposite the bathroom. The simplicity of the room, with only a bed, makes it quite functional.

Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

Interior Design Details:

The interior walls have a castle-like stone coating, giving a sense of unique charm and security. Gray tones dominate the color scheme throughout the house.

Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

One minor drawback is the relatively small windows in the rooms, which could have been larger to allow more natural light in.

Photo Courtesy of AVN Studio – House Design

Overall, this tiny house provides a comfortable living space for a family with children, making it an excellent option for those looking to downsize or escape to the countryside.

If you’re considering a similar lifestyle change, be sure to check out other designs on our blog for more inspiration!

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