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Unique Overnight Stay in a Panorama Glass Igloo

Wanna visit some hilly areas? Craving to have a thrilling hiking tour? Desiring to explore the area having the beauty of nature and the hiking experience as well? If yes, then stick to this article till the end. This article is gonna be the thing you’re looking for. 


The tiny house we’re gonna talk about is located in such a location you’re searching for. The position of this extremely enticing tiny house is Isenthal in Uri in Switzerland.


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This entirely blessed area is 1550 meters above sea level and is hugely mesmerizing. This paradise on earth is next to Alpstubli, and that’s located in Gitchener.

Using a cable car from Isenthal you can reach Gitschenen. From where you comfortably reach Alpstubli, where tiny glass igloo houses are built. This area has the ability to cut you off from the entire world and take you in an awesome world ahead filled with beauty and happiness.

The only way to come here on the location of this igloo house is the cable car.

Or you can reach there on foot. There’s no alternative way. This is because no roads are built to be there. But don’t worry you’re provided with the parking to park your cars and other conveyances.

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This serene area is closed in the evening for the visitors, and you can enjoy the quietness and the serenity here. Not only this, the management of this tiny house is very cooperative and guides you about all the essentials of this place.

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The management team here provides the traditional foods of this area in your breakfast and makes your morning a gift. And you can relish the breakfast and the mountains of this heaven on earth.

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Besides this place, there’s another phenomenal place you can visit, and that’s the public fireplace. You can take your food there to adore yourself. If you’re fond of hiking and mountain tours this is the place you’re searching for.

Down the road, there’s a barbeque area where you can avail this great opportunity to enjoy a lot there.

Impressive A-Frame Cabin Amongst Tall Trees

This dome-shaped house is hosted by Sven.

To book the services of this beautifully designed house you’re gonna pay €245 per night. And when you book the services if this tiny house the entire dome house will be yours. Booking Here!!!

The primary factor that makes this house stand out is the locality and surroundings of this tiny house too. The location of this house is a place free from any kind of noise and disturbance. This is the right area to get relaxed vacations for sure.

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The whole area used for the tiny houses in the form of an igloo is surrounded by nature and greenery. Due to the glassy walls of the igloo, you can observe the sky full of stars at night from your bed. Basically, this tiny house is an igloo in shape and is made of transparent glass.

There’s a door for moving in and out of the house, and there’re windows for the ventilations well.

The tiny house I’m talking about can hold two guests only at a time. The only bedroom of this igloo house is spacious and has a cozy and comfortable queen-sized bed. This bed has a blanket, and pillows over it.

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There’re side tables with beds. This bed turns into an electric bed in the winter and autumn season. There’re two couches for sitting there too.

Outside the house, you’re provided with wooden chairs and a wooden table to appreciate the calm sunshine. The sun rising and the sunset in this open mountains area is an enthralling thing to see. And you definitely can see this without any hitch lying on your bed.

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This bedroom is illuminated using the warm lights in the bedroom. There’re lamps on the side tables of the bedroom that brighten the room at night.

This tiny house in the heart of the beauty and calm occupy a toilet. And there are communal showers also. You’re provided with the bath towels as well. There’s a bowl and a sink in the bathroom for your convenience too.

This is a dreamy location that you can only think of.

In this locality, pets aren’t allowed. And also if you’ve babies under two, this place isn’t suitable for you. This tiny house doesn’t consent you to smoke.

If you’re thinking of arranging an event in this natural area, then this isn’t you’re cup of tea. You must consider other villas near this location.

In the pandemic situation of COVID-19, the whole management team of this house strictly followed the SOPs and also assure the visitors to follow the guidelines.

This extreme clean house is just because of the efforts of the team here. They make every possible effort to come up with a hygienic environment for you, and it’s the plus point of this cool and sanitized area.

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I hope you’re getting my point about this area. This is an extremely elegant place to visit as it gives you access to both nature and adventure. The hilly area and the mountains on one side of the tiny house is a gift that you can surely enjoy if you’ve the willingness to explore the lush green mountains. If so don’t forget to pack the essentials for the hiking tour with you. And the most important do bring your camera to capture these super cute moments I must say.

The forest of the flowers and many other plants on the second side is also not to be ignored. The sweet fragrance of these flowers fresh your mood when you inhale the early morning breeze. Also, the birds on these plants mesmerize this whole scenario with their sweet voice.

Just imagine you with your partner and the rising sun, air filled with the scent of fresh flowers and the sweet chirping of the birds…. Ahh! These things are definitely not to be missed. Just plan your tour to this blessed area and have fun in this life full of troubles and hurdles.

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