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Unique Tiny House with Underwater Room

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We continue to research different houses and projects for you every day. The house we will introduce to you is beyond your dreams. You can sleep with fish in the middle of the ocean or under the stars if you wish. It’s a very exciting experience.

Located on Pemba Island, Tanzania Coast off Zanzibar, Manta Resort The Underwater Room offers just that. The chamber is attached to the bottom of the sea with four anchors in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The room can move a little in big waves.

Designed by Swedish engineers, the outer part of the floating structure is covered with hardwoods found in the local area.

The sea-level area includes a large and comfortable dining table and sofa. It is also located on this floor in the area where the toilet, small refrigerator and shelves are located.

The upper deck is the area where you can enjoy the sun during the day and watch the clarity of the stars at night. The biggest feature of the room is that it has the first underwater chamber in the world.

The room also has an extremely large bed. Glass panels that provide a 360-degree view are covered in the room.

From the window of the room, you can watch the fish coming into the four blue spotlights reflected into the water. Every area of ​​the floating structure offers a fascinating experience at any time of the day.

More information can be found here.

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