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The tiny house today was designed by Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood and the project is called Diamond Cabin.

The cabin is located on 15 acres of land in the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. As the name suggests, while its geometric design resembles diamond, it has an extraordinary structure reminiscent of fairy tales.

The exterior of the cabin is lined with recycled cedar trees. Mosses found in the field are used in metal roofing. Wooden veneer is preferred in the interior of the house in harmony with the nature.

In this way, the house acts as a bridge between fairy tale and reality with its structure. The hexagonal shaped cabinet has an area of ​​93 square feet. Thanks to its design, it expands outward at a 30 degree opening angle from the floor until the walls are 4 feet high.

In this way, a spacious environment is created on the ground floor. There is a living area and a kitchen on the ground floor of the cabin. Thanks to the benches and shelves used on the ground floor, extra storage space has been created in the cabin.

The wooden stairs on the ground floor of the house lead to the bedroom area in the attic. It offers the opportunity to watch the magnificent forest view, the rain and the stars from the 16 triangular glass windows on the roof.

More information can be found here.

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