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Architect Djahanguir Darvish built his dream house on a narrow plot in Washington DC 30 years ago. Since the plot was long and narrow, there was no chance to build a house of normal standards here. For this, he designed a tiny house project that would make the most of the narrow plot. The living areas of this tiny house with a narrow floor were designed to overlap.

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Although it is a narrow house, it is not at all different from a normal standard house.

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This house with three bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms measures  4,390 sqft. This house, which is narrow by US standards, is no different from a normal standard house in terms of usage.

When viewed from the outside, the tiny house also differs from other houses in its area in terms of design. The geometric shapes in its exterior design made the house grow a little more above (ingenious!).

The vaulted ceiling at the entrance draws the attention

The grand entrance of the building is from the street. The vaulted ceilings that will change your perception when you enter, attract your attention. The curved vaults elegantly combined with the ceiling turn into a visual feast thanks to clever lighting.

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There is a living and dining area at the entrance of the house. The furniture chosen here is also first class in line with the quality of the house. The house was built in 1980. For this reason, the details that remained at that time as a design draw attention to the house.

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In particular, it is possible to see red, black, and silver design elements everywhere at any time. The first thing that draws attention is the “X” shaped plexiglass and steel railing that separates the living area from the dining area (it was originally intended as a bookcase, but later changed its function).

Red and black stand out in the design

The kitchen at the entrance has had its share of this style. The kitchen features an eye-catching breakfast nook surrounded by red and black armchairs, granite counters, ceramic tiles, and luxury cabinets.

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There is a sunroom at the back of the house. The room has large windows through which you can watch the garden resembling a tiny forest.

Spiral design staircase has a unique design

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The main attraction of the house is the stairs that go up in a spiral. You feel like you are in an art gallery as you go up the stairs. The tiny windows that open along the walls of the stairs provide both natural lighting and the display of art objects.

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The house has three bedrooms. The rooms have a simple design, the design elements here are the windows. The windows are made of colored glass to ensure privacy.

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Therefore, curtains are not needed. There are four bathrooms in the house in total. Black, red, and silver tones predominate in the bathrooms.

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Darvish and his wife are selling the house as they are getting old and want to move to Los Angeles, where their children are. If you want to own this one-of-a-kind home, you have to pay $3.5 million.

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