Unusual Geometric House

Have you seen buildings with unusual shapes around you? Some architects use striated geometric forms such as hyperbolic, paraboloids, hyperboloids, helicoids, and cones that reflect the forms they see in nature. These forms add both functional and aesthetic elements to the building.

A Different Geometry

An example of this is a tiny house with geometric elements. Our tiny house is located in Austin, Texas. Very close to the city center, the tiny house is built on very green land in a quiet neighborhood. It has a distinctive geometric structure that is quite striking.

The eye-catcher consists of two parts

The two-part structure of the tiny house rises from the ground in the form of a crystal blog; very eye-catching. The outer cladding is made of overlapping wooden blocks. The natural aging of the wood gives it a rustic look.

The use of white color is in harmony with the natural wood. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The first part has windows with large panes of glass and an entrance door. The windows are arranged in random rectangles along the wall, creating an artistic look. The use of white color is in harmony with the natural wood.

Different geometry also shows itself inside

When you enter, you fully realize the geometric structure. Thanks to the upward expansion of the walls, a large space are provided. The entrance area is reserved as a seating area. The design of the area with a black sofa is quite modern. The decoration is completed with a rug with geometric patterns and specially made coffee tables.

Different geometry also shows itself inside. Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The left side is the kitchen. The kitchen has a large area with cabinets with wooden doors. The white shelves are ideal for storage.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

There is all the equipment you can easily prepare your meals. Great importance has been given to lighting here. When all the lighting is turned on, a perfect illumination emerges.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

Gross concrete details in the design

You reach the mezzanine via wooden stairs leading from the kitchen. On the mezzanine floor, a work office was created using the railings. The desk of the office is specially made of wood. Thanks to its exact dimensions, the space is used economically.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

After the office comes to the bathroom. The decoration of the bathroom looks like exposed concrete. Pipes passing through the plaster surface complete the decoration. The shower and toilet are separated by a glass door.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The bedroom is right next door to the bungalow. The large double bed is comfortable enough for daytime activities. The storage cabinets, also made of natural wood, are the ideal size for your belongings.

Perfect for vacation

You can spend a fairytale day in this tiny house that stands out with its design. You can rent this tiny house for £212 per night, which will give you different emotions when you experience it. You will come here again after this experience. We are sure of it.

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