Villa Kitanik

Looking for a place to plan a tour for vacation? Wanna spend some exceptional time with your partner? Let me tell you. The natural beauty of Turkey and Antalya are the best options in this regard. 

The villa in Kas, Antalya is definitely the place you’re in search of. This house is the full package for entertainment and seclusion.

The house has a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a terrace, and a swimming pool. 47$ is the rent for staying in this tiny house.

This amazingly designed tiny house can bear two persons at a time. It’s the best and serene place for newlyweds and honeymoon vacations. This place gives you the privacy to better understand and comprehend your partner.

A private swimming pool is a phenomenal part of this house. Classy pool chairs and a table is placed there for convenience. You can have the fun of fresh juice or something like that there.

This pool gives the view of the whole city ahead. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea from anywhere in this house especially while lying on the pool chairs.

A well-furnished and well-managed bedroom is here for two guests only. The astonishing feature of this house is that moving to any part of the villa provides you with the approach to cinematic views and panoramic memories. This whole tiny house is a gift and instance of another level of peace.

This tiny house pledges all the facilities to the guests to feel you at home. All the restaurants and the shopping marts are nearby to this villa. As this is built in the center of the heart. A beach is also close to this house.

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A dreamy terrace is a place you’re gonna love the most. The pool divides this terrace into two halves. At one end is the dining table arranged where the guests enjoy breakfast while viewing the city in front of them and the great sea view from here. While the second half of the terrace has pool chairs where the guests relax after swimming. This whole area can be covered if needed and is protected with glass and sheets.

A glass door is placed to enter the tiny house. This door opens to the living room. The living room has a sofa with a central table and is designed as a seating area. The lovely views of the pool and sea are visible from the glass door of this room as well. The living room has a TV for entertaining the guests. The guests are given the facility of the internet to stay connected to the entire world.

The other corner of this room is furnished as the kitchen. The kitchen is so well designed and managed that the guests find everything of daily use here. Toaster, refrigerator, microwave, kettle, cookware, and anything they may need is placed there. The countertop and the sink of the kitchen are also very richly devised and looked after.

There’re two stools in the kitchen for dining too. In front of the kitchen, there’s another dining table. This house gives guests many options to have meals. You can sit and eat wherever you want. Isn’t that amazing?

In summers the temperature of this whole area of the house is managed using the air conditioner. The thing that is the best is the chandeliers hanging up on the roof. They look so well in the night and even make your evenings dreamy.

Tiny House with Amazing Interior Design

The only bedroom of this tiny house is mesmerizing. This huge bedroom contains a double bedroom inside it and a Jacuzzi as well.  The theme of the whole house is blue and white. So the wall-sized window of glass has beautiful curtains of the same colors. This window is the reason that you can have a view of the natural beauty from the bedroom also.

The room is lit up by using lamps and the bulbs hanging with the roof. The air conditioner is there to bear the weather fluctuations.

The room does have a closet to manage the goods of the guests. There’s a dressing table in the room for getting ready to go for outings. Two luggage holders are also there to aid the guests in managing the stuff.

The bedroom has an attached bathroom. In front of the door that leads to the bathroom is the vanity. There’s a towel stand over this. And a mirror as well. There’s an area for having a bath and there’re two showers fixed there.

At the backside of the house, there’s another balcony. In this house, there’s a grill where you can do barbeque and have the fun of all the blessings surrounding you.

So this article comes to an end here. I hope this article is helpful for you to select the location to have a memorable vacation. This cleverly designed house is an obviously great place to live and have the fun of life.

One of the most important things to be considered here is the privacy there. If you’re newlywed and wanna have some time to spend with your partner without any interruption this is gonna be an ideal place for you.

Also if you want to have some time with yourself alone, it’s that place I must say. The natural vibes here and the tranquil environment here is gonna heal all of your depressions and sorrows.

The bedroom, living room kitchen, and balconies are so well architected that you’re gonna in love with this lace. By staying in this house, you can get dozens of ideas for the interior design of your own house.

Other than the interior, the surroundings of the house are epic. You can view all of the houses and the greenery of the town whole standing at your terrace. I’d say don’t miss this golden chance and have a visit to this heavenly beautiful area and enjoy yourself. You’ll not regret it. Book your slots now!

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